Upon writing a blog post about friend Brad, I have been notified multiple times of my best friend’s annoyance at my incompetence to write a blog post about her. I have been pestered non-stop for 24 hours. So here it is: my post about Vianka.


I asked dear friend Brad what to write about and he said himself and so I was like why not? Let’s do it. Let’s blog about friend Brad.

My JamList O’ 26 August 2016

Hello, fair readers.

This was meant to be posted two days ago. However, I have discovered some new songs and I hope you listen to them because I like them and I think you’ll like them too.

Thoughts From 6PM

I watched Criminal Minds. And I immediately fell in love. It was mainly with Matthew Gray Gubler, but since it was my first episode, I was genuinely more interested in the program. But then I payed attention to the characters, Spencer Reid in particular, and I fell in love even more. It’s like love at first sight but it was more like love at first hour.

My JamList O’ 12 August 2016

I really felt like blogging today.

I am currently sat in my garden, it’s around half four, and the temperature is perfect.

Things That Have Happened Recently

Some things have happened recently (I mean, you wouldn’t guess by the title), so I thought I’d blog about them. Topics include music, cute coffee shops and Instagram.

My JamList O’ Friday 13th May

Yes, it was necessary to mention it was Friday 13th. There is a new format for the JamLists because I feel like it’s time for a change. And it was suggested by a reader (because I do not have the mental capacity to think of these things): 3 new songs I like, 1 old song…


The other day, I’m sure you’ll know wherever you are in the world, was the Queen’s 90th birthday.
And I, for one, love the Queen very much.

No particular reason, I just think she’s very cute

My JamList O’ 17 April 2016

I know I haven’t posted in a while but I’ve been busier than expected: my adopted auntie (my grandmother treats her like a daughter, she’s not actually adopted…) got married, and there are a lot of ceremonies in Asian weddings. A Lot. Fortune Cookie (feat. Milow) [Gostan Remix] – Emma Bale: So I was in…

Thoughts from 2AM

I was on Instagram and Tumblr a while ago because I can’t sleep. I kept coming across these depressing posts, aimed at teens. You know the ones, like: I’m in love with you, but you want to be just friends and I’m totally cool with living with that constant pain. I know that some teens…

Does anybody else just rearrange their room for the fun of it? Because I’m getting them vibes right about now. I am going to rearrange the bookshelves that was already done. #lifegoals.


Last week I did a post of writing (if you haven’t seen that, well, you should go and see it because I tried really hard to compose it so it made sense), and I thought: why not carry on in that fashion, and do another post about a hobby I have. Today, I was scrolling…