the thinker

A moodboard inspired by the AW 18/19 trend: the thinker. This trend focuses on the rise of technology and the escape from it. The colours used are fairly neutral, inspired by ‘library interiors’ and a collegiate style. Tailoring is also important and adds a more sophisticated edge to the trend.

xahaatherbeg 11/02/2018


dark wonder

A moodboard inspired by the AW 18/19 trend: dark wonder. This trend is based on the heavy sci-fi influence on pop culture with the increasing interest in superhero comic book movies and space. It combines dark cool tones and a couple of pinks and reds to give off an intergalactic atmosphere.

xahaatherbeg 04/02/2018


Yesterday morning I was feeling creative as you do, so I decided to design. I haven’t coloured it in yet, however it’s going to be rather black and dark, however the paneling is going to be bright primary colours.

The first design (far left) is a rain jacket with block panelled leggings. The jacket is going to be black. I have no idea how to make it I just drew it. I’d also like to mention elysian means relating to or characteristic of heaven or paradise, it’s not related to the designs itself, I just needed a word to add and that was the first word that came to mind.
The leggings are normal skin-tight leggings but they have coloured panelling on them because I thought it would look pretty coolio. They would be a mixture of red, orange, blue and yellow, maybe some green thrown in there too if I’m feeling adventurous.

The next design (second from left) was inspired by the first design when it came to panelling, so the bodice is panelled with the same mix of colours, have to be uniform after all.
The skirt was kind of Pinterest inspired and also Kim K inspired because it’s long and looks like you wouldn’t be able to walk in it and it would be black.

The third design (second from right) was inspired by a picture I saw of Pabllo Vittar where she was wearing a bodysuit with a jacket over the top and I don’t know why I loved it so much, but I did. So it does look like a dress, however, if you look closely, you can see that it is actually a mock neck bodysuit with a skirt over the top. The skirt also has the same panelling on it, however, it is made of a frosted PVC material in the same colours so you can still see the bodysuit underneath (see, I have thought about this).

The last design is a top with flared sleeves with straight culottes with the panelling design on the sides because that looks edgy and I needed a last design.


xahaatherbeg 03/02/2018