Upon writing a blog post about friend Brad, I have been notified multiple times of my best friend’s annoyance at my incompetence to write a blog post about her. I have been pestered non-stop for 24 hours. So here it is: my post about Vianka.



I asked dear friend Brad what to write about and he said himself and so I was like why not? Let’s do it. Let’s blog about friend Brad.

Does anybody else just rearrange their room for the fun of it? Because I’m getting them vibes right about now. I am going to rearrange the bookshelves that was already done. #lifegoals.


I haven’t posted for a while. I should be shunned. I have had tumblr for years, but I just use it for entertainment. But I thought ‘hey, why not actually use it for, you know, writing.’ I find that my blog is informal, however, only really used for proper posts about stuff, and tumblr is pretty contemporary in itself,…

Ze Valking Oompa Loompa

I do not understand the obsession that some girls seem to have with using foundation that is 3 shades darker than their skin. It’s like ‘are you aware you look like a walking oompa loompa?’ I understand that buying the correct shade of foundation can often be tricky, because you don’t want foundation swatches on…

Grammar Lesson 1

Someone on their Instagram bio wrote: “Don’t start something you can’t Finnish.” Me: “Don’t write something if you can’t spell.”

Cars + FALL OUT BOY = Best advert ever.

Fall Out Boy’s Fourth of July (one of my favourite songs of American Beauty/American Psycho) is featured of the new Nissan X-Trail Advert. NIIIIIIIICCCCCCE.

Eurovision Song Contest 2015

Oh my actual goodness! Eurovison is back!! Eurovision is undoubtedly my favourite song contest ever, beat The Voice UK and The X Factor by a mile. After Eurovision for at least a week, all I listen to is Eurovision songs, so Fall Out Boy are going to have to move aside for a week or two….

What are the chances?

I was doing my WWII homework and I needed the date that Hitler commited suicide, and it was April 30, 1945: this very date, 70 years ago!

Perfume Ads

Is it just me or is every person in a perfume advert drunk? My father replies: No, they’re high.

Black Friday 2014

So Black Friday (the most American tradition ever, and by far my favourite) has landed again. Why oh why, is it therefore so hard to choose?!