Pakistan Zindabad For Once

Pakistan basically never win, so this was a big deal. And I think it’s definitely because of my makeup today, because I made an effort, and so did the team.


New-Found Freedom?

When I woke up I was like hey I don’t have to get straight onto revising anymore and that was weird because that’s what I’ve been doing for a good couple of months now. I was FREE. But then it got to around 12pm and I realised I didn’t know what to do with my new-found freedom.


Upon writing a blog post about friend Brad, I have been notified multiple times of my best friend’s annoyance at my incompetence to write a blog post about her. I have been pestered non-stop for 24 hours. So here it is: my post about Vianka.

Thoughts From 6PM

I watched Criminal Minds. And I immediately fell in love. It was mainly with Matthew Gray Gubler, but since it was my first episode, I was genuinely more interested in the program. But then I payed attention to the characters, Spencer Reid in particular, and I fell in love even more. It’s like love at first sight but it was more like love at first hour.

Thoughts from 2AM

I was on Instagram and Tumblr a while ago because I can’t sleep. I kept coming across these depressing posts, aimed at teens. You know the ones, like: I’m in love with you, but you want to be just friends and I’m totally cool with living with that constant pain. I know that some teens…

Live Halloween Diary

It’s coming. It’s happening. The day where everyone says trick and only like 12 people worldwide actually get tricked. It is, of course, Halloween. And once again, me and my father are playing the part that is far more important than going out collecting goodies: we’re the Givers of Treats. And DJs. 17:06: Nothing is…

Saturday 25 October 2014: Diary Entry.

So as you may know, my mother runs ‘The Samosa Stall,’ (I’ll link her Facebook and Twitter, if you are interested. I’m sorry, but she doesn’t ship internationally…) so me, my brother Raayan and sister Daania are pretty much left to entertain ourselves. LET THE MASTERCHEF AUSTRAILIA BATTLE COMMENCE. I enjoyed many hours of Master…