Pakistan Zindabad For Once

Pakistan basically never win, so this was a big deal. And I think it’s definitely because of my makeup today, because I made an effort, and so did the team.


New-Found Freedom?

When I woke up I was like hey I don’t have to get straight onto revising anymore and that was weird because that’s what I’ve been doing for a good couple of months now. I was FREE. But then it got to around 12pm and I realised I didn’t know what to do with my new-found freedom.


Upon writing a blog post about friend Brad, I have been notified multiple times of my best friend’s annoyance at my incompetence to write a blog post about her. I have been pestered non-stop for 24 hours. So here it is: my post about Vianka.

Thoughts From 6PM

I watched Criminal Minds. And I immediately fell in love. It was mainly with Matthew Gray Gubler, but since it was my first episode, I was genuinely more interested in the program. But then I payed attention to the characters, Spencer Reid in particular, and I fell in love even more. It’s like love at first sight but it was more like love at first hour.

Things That Have Happened Recently

Some things have happened recently (I mean, you wouldn’t guess by the title), so I thought I’d blog about them. Topics include music, cute coffee shops and Instagram.

Things That Are Acceptable: Art Gallery

I was with my friends and they were looking at a piece and analysing a piece of art, looking at use of line and tone and what the piece could represent, then there was me: “It’s literally a red canvas.”


I haven’t finished a book in over a year.
The only way I think I am ever going to finish any book is if I read it all in one go, because the second I put it down, it’s rare I go back to it. The last book I remember going back to was Safe Haven, but that’s only because I really want to watch the movie. The only reason I want to watch the movie? Josh Duhamel. End of.

Does anybody else just rearrange their room for the fun of it? Because I’m getting them vibes right about now. I am going to rearrange the bookshelves that was already done. #lifegoals.


Last week I did a post of writing (if you haven’t seen that, well, you should go and see it because I tried really hard to compose it so it made sense), and I thought: why not carry on in that fashion, and do another post about a hobby I have. Today, I was scrolling…


“How does writing sound as a career?” I asked myself this a while back in November. We were learning about Flair Writing – which is essentially writing with flair (or at least, that was the definition my teacher gave me) – and we had to write an article about someone we disliked or truly admired,…


I haven’t posted for a while. I should be shunned. I have had tumblr for years, but I just use it for entertainment. But I thought ‘hey, why not actually use it for, you know, writing.’ I find that my blog is informal, however, only really used for proper posts about stuff, and tumblr is pretty contemporary in itself,…

Things You Know If You’re Fluent in a Language

I am fluent in Urdu and I watch television in Urdu for enjoyment. However, one channel that I watch has all its programmes subtitled, which is quite funny because you can hear the actor say one thing and the subtitles say another, it makes me laugh dearly, and my parents too. We joked about it….