Pakistan Zindabad For Once

Second post of today.

Y’all are blessed.

Today was the ICC Champions Trophy Final and it was a Pakistan vs India match and you don’t even need to watch cricket to know that if there’s a Pakistan vs India match, there is nothing else remotely important that day.

After wishing my grandad and father a happy fathers day, I went to do my makeup and today’s makeup was green of course, to support my team. For some reason whenever I go green, it’s a cut crease.

For my eyes today, I used my U R The Best Thing Palette by I Heart Makeup and I took the dark brown matte shade and massaged it above my crease, then took my Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer in Ivory and used an eyeliner brush to separate the crease, if you get me. I ‘did the crease’ then filled it in with the concealer and did an Ombre eye with the Sleek I-Divine Eyeshadow Palette in Original, and used the shades Banksy on the inside and Hyde Park on the outside. I used London Rain to emphasise the crease.

For my face I just moisturised and used Clinique Almost Powder Makeup in 04 Neutral, I didn’t do anymore to my face.

On my lips, I just a very little bit of NYX Lip Lingerie in Teddy.

For my jewellery I just went with some long silver earrings because I felt like if I went for green earrings it would be too much, even though no one was going to see me except my dad.

Pakistan basically never win, so this was a big deal. And I think it’s definitely because of my makeup today, because I made an effort, and so did the team.

That’s all I did today. Besides write the other blog post this morning, I did nothing besides watch this match.


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