Upon writing a blog post about friend Brad, I have been notified multiple times of my best friend’s annoyance at my incompetence to write a blog post about her. I have been pestered non-stop for 24 hours. So here it is: my post about Vianka.

I (since she could not) calculated a few days ago that I have known Vianka, my best friend, for 9 years now. However, our friendship did not properly develop until we were 14.
A few years ago, I moved to a new school, my old friendship circle started to break apart and decay due to the drama, the lies and of course, the deceit that all friendship circles go through. Everyone ended up taking sides and once one person left, so did everyone else. So alliances were formed, and mine was with Vianka, with whom I had only become friends with recently. Suddenly, we were left to face the world by ourselves and because of this became closer and closer and now she’s basically a member of my family.

I would say we are both very similar in some aspects like we both have an impeccable music taste and a unique sense of humour, however, in some ways we are very different. For example, she sends me weird shoes and tells me how much she loves them, when they are clear or made of net and I really don’t understand why anyone would wear something like that. But she justifies it by saying they’re unique and she wants to be unique and not a ‘sheep’ and I guess that’s true. Doesn’t change the fact they’re still odd.
She does, of the two of us, have a better sense of style though. I’m just too practical and not very daring, but she is definitely daring. And beautiful. And I’m not even saying this because she’s my best friend. If the whole mathematical engineering thing that she wants to do doesn’t work out, she could make it as a model.

So in conclusion, you may become best friends with someone by chance, but sometimes, fate is as good to you as it was to me.


Not going to lie, that is hands down, the best conclusion I have ever come up with EVER.


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