My JamList O’ 26 August 2016


Hello, fair readers.

This was meant to be posted two days ago. However, I have discovered some new songs and I hope you listen to them because I like them and I think you’ll like them too.

  1. Can’t Hold Back – Kiko Bun: This song is so summery, it just makes me happy. It’s also very catchy and gets stuck in your head very easily.
  2. This World – Selah Sue: As you know very well, I am obsessed with Criminal Minds. I often have the subtitles on when I watch TV and sometimes, on rare occasions, the subtitles will tell you what song is playing, and this song was playing in one of the episodes. It has a great bass riff and builds up and it’s big and I love it! I’m definitely going to listen to more of her songs because this one has me very excited.
  3. Move – Saint Motel: I loved My Type by Saint Motel because it had a catchy riff and this is just as good. It reminds me of Jungle (Busy Earning) quite a lot.
  4. All Of Me – Big Gigantic, Logic, ROZES: This song sound like something you would listen to at night when you’re driving in a car. I love it very much. I also have a NIGHT playlist, dedicated to these kind of songs.
  5. All Night – Crystal Fighters: Also something you would listen to on holiday in some exotic country, it just makes me so happy. I’ll probably listen to it when I’m feeling sad and it’ll change me completely. I need a HAPPY
  6. Stop For Nothing – courtship.: This is one I have recently discovered. I think I like it because it’s fun and upbeat and doesn’t really fit anywhere.
  7. I’ll Be There (Beenie Man Refix) [feat. Melissa Steel] – Diztortion: I’ve recently started getting into remixes; I never used to listen to them, but I’ve discovered that they can be quite good, this one is definitely and example of that.
  8. London (feat. Stefflon Don, Krept & Konan) – Jeremih: This song is all moody and also a night song, but I keep thinking it’s saying ‘banana’…
  9. Overnight – Jake Miller: This is a really mainstream song. Well, it’s not currently, but it has all the ingredients to be so if it isn’t I might cry: 80s bassline, catchy chorus. I think it’s definitely possible.
  10. Young Kids, Old Love – Otis English: I’m not particularly sure what it is about this song, it feels a bit disconnected at points, but it’s good overall and I like it.
  11. All I Wanna Do – Jordan Fisher: I remember Jordan Fisher in Teen Beach Movie! I follow him on Instagram so was fully aware he had released an EP, so I added this song and oh my goodness, it was so much better than I was imagining it would be!
  12. Get Low – James Vincent McMorrow: This song is all moody, and the perfect level of simple.
  13. Mercy – Shawn Mendes: I wouldn’t say I’m Shawn Mendes’ biggest fan, in fact, I’m not a fan really. This song is a typical Shawn Mendes song, but I prefer this one to the rest.
  14. Anywhere – Passenger: I don’t think anyone realised that Passenger released an album after All The Little Lights (called Whispers, should you be interested). Sure, there was only really one good song on it, but it still existed. I really liked this song, even though it’s a bit of a cliché folk song.
  15. That’s You – Stu Da Boi: This is very similar to Fetty Wap, but it’s calm. Not a NIGHT song, maybe a LATE AFTERNOON/EVENING
  16. On Purpose – Sabrina Carpenter: My sister started watching Girl Meets World recently, so I did too. I stalked Sabrina’s Instagram page and there was a video for this song and I really liked it , so I listened to it on repeat for a day.
  • Aloha (feat. Merryn Jeann) – Møme: This song reminds me of December because that’s when I discovered it and it was the day before me and my family went on a road trip
  • We Are Young – Fun.: Where are Fun. now??

Have fun listening my dears x




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