Thoughts From 6PM

Ok, so I understand that ‘Thoughts From 6pm’ is nowhere near as impressive as this post’s ancestor, ‘Thoughts From 2am’ from March earlier this year. However, I have been bottling up these thoughts for a while now, so essentially, some of these thoughts are indeed, from 2am.

So I started watching Criminal Minds, because my grandmother introduced it to me whilst she was watching TV. It was around a week ago: I was doing some art stuff and she out on Without A Trace, and then Blue Bloods, then I put True Detective on, because I was in the whole ‘detective’ mood. And then my dear friends, I watched Criminal Minds. And I immediately fell in love. It was mainly with Matthew Gray Gubler, but since it was my first episode, I was genuinely more interested in the program. But then I payed attention to the characters, Spencer Reid in particular, and I fell in love even more. It’s like love at first sight but it was more like love at first hour.

I have always been interested in solving murders and crime; pretty much all the TV shows I have ever watched with interest, I now realize, all had people solving mysteries and defeating the bad guys, however subtle this element was. Except Lucky Man, I never finished that.

The point is, I have always liked solving crimes and I thought past all the television programs: okay, so I enjoy the programs and I have an interest in it, but is it something I would want to pursue in the future? Would that be a viable option? There’s no pressure, I don’t have to, but since I’ve started watching it, I developed such a deep interest in it, it could almost be labeled as an obsession. True story.

I have wanted to be an Architect for quite a while now; nice houses make me very happy, to the level that I almost cry sometimes. The thing is, when I was younger, I used to change what I wanted to be so much, I had to stop telling them, because it was likely I’d change within a few weeks. I’ve wanted to be a business woman, doctor, photographer, actress, singer, teacher, writer, interior designer, radio presenter, make-up artist, of course, a detective and many more. As you can see, there are many different options I have considered, all very different. But being an Architect is something I’ve wanted to be for a while, and I figured that since I used to change my mind so much and I wasn’t when I decided to be an Architect, there is definitely something special.

However, the other day, my dad asked me to find his shirt and I could not do it. Having no idea what shirt he was talking about was not a particularly good start, but in the end, he found it himself and I felt inadequate. I really wanted to find it and I didn’t and it upset me. Sure, it was really stupid to get upset over such a small thing because it was just a shirt, a very nice shirt, but just a shirt. And even though it related in no way whatsoever, I kept thinking, that if I cannot find a shirt, how on earth am I going to solve a murder?

But I’ve recently become inspired and I can’t stop thinking about it. I love buildings; I have always loved buildings, but there it something about this career path that excites me and now I’m just a bit conflicted. Hopefully, it’s just a phase: I’ve gone back to wanting to be an Architect so many times, so I’ll go back again. I want it to be a phase because I have everything planned out for the architecture; everything is very convenient: the university I want to go to just happens to be the best architecture school in the country and it’s not particularly far. It’s basically perfect. 

Like I mentioned earlier, Matthew Gray Gubler.
He is currently the sunshine of my life. At first I just thought he was very good looking, but I have stalked his Instagram and Tumblr and I have discovered that Mr Gubler seems to be one of the few genuinely good people of the Earth. Oh how I have fallen hard. It isn’t the best scenario though seeing as though he’s 20 years older than me, however, I do not care because he is my heart and soul. Until I find someone else or stop watching Criminal Minds, probably.

Actually, I shall never stop Criminal Minds.


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