My JamList O’ 12 August 2016


I really felt like blogging today.

I am currently sat in my garden, it’s around half four, and the temperature is perfect.

  1. Cool Girl – Tove Lo: I love Tove Lo; I have her Queen of the Clouds album. Not going to lie, the songs she’s featured on haven’t been the best. When she’s on her own though, so very very good. This song is no different. Oh how that bass touches my soul.
  2. Gemini Feed – Banks: Every Friday, I add songs that sound interesting onto a playlist and listen to it for the rest of the week. Since there are around 60 songs on it, it takes a while to get to every song, but when I got to this one, I immediately fell in love with it. I haven’t really listened to Banks before, so I am intrigued as to what else she has done.
  3. Gravel To Tempo – Hayley Kiyoko: I watched Lemonade Mouth last week and it turns out she released a song the same day, how coincidental? It takes a while to warm up to this, but I love it now. Love love love. It’s quite deep as well.
  4. Future Pt 2 (feat. Bipolar Sunshine) – DJ Snake: Woo DJ Snake returns and his album is so so good. This song is very funky and very good to dance to, so if that’s your thing, check this song out, you’ll love it, promise.
  5. The Half (feat. Jeremih, Young Thug, Swizz Beatz) – DJ Snake: There were many different types of songs on the album, this is the hip-hop song. And obviously, since I am a Jack of all Trades when it comes to music, I like this one too.
  • Take Shelter – Years & Years: Oh how this song takes me back. I remember this was on the songs I featured on the first of my JamLists. I was listening to this because I was finding songs I could cover with my friend, and this is definitely a strong contender.
  • I didn’t actually come across any old songs this week, what a shame. L


So I hope you enjoyed this and will maybe listen because they honestly are very very good songs.


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