Things That Are Acceptable: Art Gallery


Today, me and a few friends went to the Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy of Art. It was very fancy; I often felt I wasn’t fancy enough for the occasion. However, I willed on and I got through it.


  1. In Depth Observation. Fun fact: I’m an Art student. However, today I felt like a sorry excuse for an art student because there were multiple occasions when I was with my friends and they were looking at a piece and analysing a piece of art, looking at use of line and tone and what the piece could represent, then there was me: “It’s literally a red canvas.”
    After I had looked at pretty much everything, I stood in an arch because I needed somewhere to sit down and there were only two benches, I stood observing other people and listening to conversations. There were people who looked like the art was really touching their soul. The thing is, when you’re at an Art Gallery, you are have to pretend that the Art work really is touching your soul, whether it is or not, because you don’t want to be rude. So Extreme In Depth Observation, is perfectly normal.


  1. Pretending You’re Rich. Art, especially modern art is very expensive, even if it could have been created in ten minutes. Before we entered the gallery, my teacher got everybody these books which had the names and prices of each piece. So I saw many people pretending as if they were honestly considering buying this stuff, and I found it amusing. Obviously, there is the slight possibility that they honestly can afford the art, but there were let’s say, 500 people in the exhibition (it wasn’t massive), there is a very small chance, that every single on of these people had enough money to buy anything from there at the prices they were at. There was a flashing

‘Forever’ sign; it was £135,000 and it looked like something you could get from IKEA.


As much as I loved looking at the Art and getting confused as to how some pieces there actually could be called ‘Art’, I put a lot more effort into taking pictures and editing them, and I must admit, they are beautiful. I’m going to set up a page on here, where I will post pictures from time to time, so there will be a few up ASAP, after I have created the page (because that would be useful), and make sure to check it, because I’ll post on there quite a lot; you know I love pictures.


And lastly, my friend said that the red canvas represents the fact that inside we are all the same person. How she got onto that is beyond me.


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