I haven’t finished a book in over a year.

You may not know this about me, but I volunteer at my local library with a guy named Tom (big up Tom). It’s nice, the two hours used to go very slowly, especially when I started, but I hadn’t met Tom; I’m pretty sure he tried to avoid me at all costs. Then we got paired together to do these shelf checks and the rest is history. Turns out we have a lot in common, except he enjoys saying ‘damn’ and ‘swaggy’, which we do not have in common.

During the frequent breaks I take from shelf checks or shelving, which seems to take up the majority of the time, I usually read the blurb of the book I have in my hand. Which usually equates to me being interested and reading a random page. Which usually equates to me being even more interested. Which usually equates to me taking a chance and taking it out. Over the past few months, I have done this very many times. Most of the times, I limit myself to one book, however occasionally, I have taken too many breaks to only be able to take out only one book.

So, naturally, my bookshelf piles up with books. I go home every Saturday, very excited: I was going to indulge in a paradise of literary excellence. Or whichever teen book I picked up. I pick it up, I open it, turn to the first page and read.

The only way I think I am ever going to finish any book is if I read it all in one go, because the second I put it down, it’s rare I go back to it. The last book I remember going back to was Safe Haven, but that’s only because I really want to watch the movie. The only reason I want to watch the movie? Josh Duhamel. End of.

Countless books have gone back to the library without a second thought. I realised this today at my shift today when I was talking to one of the librarians, that I don’t remember actually finishing a book in the past year.

This really disappoints me because I used to love reading: I was constantly at the library and participated in the Summer Reading Challenge every year, but that has all fizzled away since when I was in Year 6.

Obviously, this isn’t the library’s fault. It most definitely is mine; I have no willpower within.

I’ve just had a thought: I’m going to start going to a cute coffee shop every week and take a book with me. I am going to read it in this cute coffee shop and I’m going to finish books. I think everyone reading this should do it too.

On to a slightly related point: I am back! For two reasons: one, my friend Nick reads my blog and he was complaining that I hadn’t written anything for a while, and I thought to myself ‘even if nobody else reads this, Nick probably will, and I shall write my blog for him’. And secondly, I recently picked up the book Zoella, YouTube star, wrote, Girl Online. The character in the book has a blog and I thought, why not? I have a blog.

I used to only use it for reviewing movies, telling you songs I liked, and other weird things media-wise, but then I started writing about general life, but it still wasn’t really personal to me. But now it’s going to start to be. I told you a few posts ago, that I would like to be a writer, and this blog is going to help me do it.

I’m currently doing my GCSEs, which is stressful. I’m generally a very happy person, and stress and headaches don’t exist for me. But recently, I started feeling quite down and not very satisfied, and I established that it was indeed stress, something I don’t often come across. I’ve gotten over it now, because my mocks have finished.

The point is, the book inspired me to start up my blog again, which I got from the library (see, it all links up). But the difference is, it’s going to start to be more personal now.

Pray for me guys.


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