My JamList O’ Friday 13th May


Yes, it was necessary to mention it was Friday 13th.

There is a new format for the JamLists because I feel like it’s time for a change. And it was suggested by a reader (because I do not have the mental capacity to think of these things): 3 new songs I like, 1 old song and 1 random song that I came across (because why not?)

  1. Find Your Love – Drake: Had a bit of a Drake obsession this week. No reason. I just did. And this was my favourite because it’s funkay.
  2. Truffle Butter (feat. Drake) – Nicki Minaj: Oh, this one is super catchy. Terrible, technically but super very very
  3. Say Something (feat. Drake) – Timbaland: Because my obsession started in a maths lesson on Wednesday, I was still very much listening to Drake this morning and I listened to this, and it hasn’t left me all day.
  • Shoreline – Kingsland Road: Not going to lie, I always go back to this song. It’s so good, and nobody knows about it. Why is that? I loved Kingsland Road on the X Factor and they released an EP that no one knew about. This happened with District 3 as well. Guess who bought that EP? Me. And I discovered it again the other day. Best £2.99 ever spent.
  • The Sweet Escape (feat. Akon) – Gwen Stefani: Went out for my friends birthday on Sunday and this song came on in Pizza Hut. Hadn’t thought about it until now. But yeah, that happened.

I like this format. If you don’t, or do, or just want to chat, comment. I feel like this is a YouTube video, because everyone says that. I was thinking of starting a YouTube channel today. Oh how things link up.


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