The other day, I’m sure you’ll know wherever you are in the world, was the Queen’s 90th birthday.
And I, for one, love the Queen very much.

No particular reason, I just think she’s very cute.

I made sure that we went to the celebration in our town: they lit beacons all over the country to mark the occasion. There was a parade and everything. I even bought the souvenir edition of The Times (and had a bit of fun with Snapchat lenses with Her Majesty’s face. I wonder if she’s ever tried them? Does she have Snapchat? Username: El_Windsor1926)

After the lighting of the beacon, we had a fireworks display and it was really brilliant. My first instinct was to Snapchat it all and put it on my story, but after two videos, a thought came to mind: do I really have to share everything?

I understand that you want to share that you’re having fun with your friends’ maybe, but sharing everything you do is like having 100 other people with you, isn’t it? And I’m not saying this is just on Snapchat: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have invaded all privacy and we’ve let it.
I would like to point out that I am guilty of doing these things myself: at my friends birthday party, they went a bit crazy and started singing High School Musical songs at the top of their voices, and I snapchatted pretty much all of it. Shoot me.

What I am saying is, why are we obsessed with sharing everything? After two fireworks videos, I decided to stop, I knew that because of the large number of people there, at least 2 people I have on Snapchat will post the entire display anyway, why should I? I should enjoy it, and it was surreal. Council spent a lot of monnaay.
I was right, I saw the display at least 5 times when I went through my list of stories that night, and I have vowed to keep as many people out of my life as possible.PicMonkey Collage


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