Thoughts from 2AM

I was on Instagram and Tumblr a while ago because I can’t sleep. I kept coming across these depressing posts, aimed at teens. You know the ones, like: I’m in love with you, but you want to be just friends and I’m totally cool with living with that constant pain.

I know that some teens get depressed and they get hurt from relationships and breakups, but I find it weird that all around me, I seem to be the only teen left that is remotely happy with their life. Sure, I have had my ups and downs and sometimes the sad stuff on Tumblr helped me out because I was like, hey, I’m not the only one with bad stuff happening in life, but now it’s like, why do I even surround myself with all this sadness?

That’s it. I am unfollowing all sad accounts on all of my social networks, wait a sec.

Turns out, I didn’t have that I didn’t follow many sad accounts, but since they posted so much, it felt like I never actually saw any posts from the people I actually care about.

Speaking of social media, everyone should follow my Instagram: x4ha. Some guy called Xavier took my name way back in 2014 so I had to think on the spot and put a 4 in my name. A 4. Can you believe it? Like I hate putting numbers in usernames, and yet I have sort of done it myself. It’s not like I have my name and then a number, but seriously? Urgh.

I hate that on Instagram, people say that their feeds are messy and they literally have the nicest feeds ever and then there’s me who posts everything I feel like and there is like 10 different themes running at the same time. I tried a black and white theme for a while, but that craze has left me now. I see feeds with a nice clean white theme, and then I realise I don’t actually have any white backgrounds in my house; we painted all the walls a few years ago. My bedroom is hot pink.  I kid you not, hot pink.

Oh my goodness. Why don’t I try a colourful theme? Make everything so freaking colourful? The complete opposite to the classy black and white thing, but still brilliant. Whoa. I am excited. Obviously for this, I need pictures and since it’s the Easter holidays right now, I lie around in my pyjamas and watch TV all day.

I ordered a curling wand. I haven’t tried it yet, but I hope it’s good, I am determined not to let £17 go down the drain. I also bought makeup brushes. They stink of like plastic, it’s so bad. First world problems, eh?

Curly hair is perfect for summer. I wish it was summer. It is starting to feel like summer because the clocks have gone forward so it seems like the days are longer already, and it’s what – wait! It’s April! And it’s not meant to be sunny in April, like we’ve been pretty lucky so far. But I think since its April, we’re destined for some rain. And since it’s the UK we’re doomed from the start really. Let’s appreciate the sun!

Usually I hate summer because sometimes it gets too hot, and I’m saying this while living in England, so I can’t imagine what it’s like for you guys southern-er than the UK. Winter is okay, because it’s cold outside, but warm inside. With Summer it’s hot inside and outside, there’s no escaping. But summer means fun activities, and holidays and general fun-ness, like barbeques. Maybe we’ll invite my crush-since-I-was-like-9’s family over for a barbeque again. That was fun.

I think that’s enough going into my brain for now. Especially at 2am, what were you thinking?


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