Last week I did a post of writing (if you haven’t seen that, well, you should go and see it because I tried really hard to compose it so it made sense), and I thought: why not carry on in that fashion, and do another post about a hobby I have.

Today, I was scrolling through Instagram (another dear hobby), and I saw that one of my friends had VSCO. Now. VSCO and I have had a sad encounter in the past, where I signed up, but it missed off the r in my last name and my URL was completely messed up. I uninstalled it, because I wasn’t happy with my URL nor was I happy with the app itself because it’s quite restricting in changing things. I couldn’t even find where to log out from.

So when I discovered that one of my friends has it, I was like: why not? I liked the concept; it was basically like Instagram, but not for selfies, more for photographic masterpieces. So I got it again. And let me tell you. I messed up so many times that I think that I have around 4 different accounts now.

But when I got it finished, I was delighted and started posting pictures straight away. I started with the pictures I took in Barcelona last year. I didn’t realise actually how good they were because it was always so sunny that I was basically documenting every part of my journey rather than taking good pictures.  A few days before we went, I downloaded an app called Candy Camera on my phone and Retrica on my tablet (I had Retrica on my phone too, but I had a phone from 2010 and the front camera was not working for me), and let me tell you, the pictures I took were beautiful. I wouldn’t say it usually, but I felt I had achieved something, and that doesn’t happen often. We were in a moving vehicle for most of it so I was delighted that my tablet didn’t take one blurry picture (possibly the only thing Amazon got right when designing the Fire HD8).

So I posted and I felt great. Hallelujah.

For a few years now, I have loved taking pictures. So I have a lot of photography apps. My collection has been growing since 2013. I must admit though, my collection is not very big, because I go through a lot, but keep the very best ones.

I have done checklists for apps for Socialising and Communicating. I started one for Musical apps, but we’re going to forget that and I am going to give you: my favourite phototgraphy apps ever!

Pixlr Express

This is one of the first apps I got. It was either this one or Aviary, but I chose Pixlr. Going through Aviary’s page now, it does look very nice, but Pixlr does the job beautifully and I already have a few photo editing apps. Pixlr has stood by me for many years, has cool filters and is easy to use, so I don’t have anything bad to say about it.

Candy Camera

I first discovered this in an EE shop. They had a big display for SAMSUNG and one of the phones had Candy Camera on it. And I must admit, they have a range of filters and literally all of them are so beautiful, it’s unreal. They can make any picture into an extravagant piece of photo taking, it – just – works.


Retrica is not far behind with beautiful filters, however, Candy Camera does have a larger range. Retrica is the more popular app and most of my selfies are on Retrica, so I am a happy bunny. Why wouldn’t I be?


Not to be confused with Snapchat, this app is so much more sophisticated and easy to use. There are so many features and great filters for you to mess about with and manipulate your picture with until it is worthy of an award.


I’m not sure if we can really put Instagram in a photography app section, because as much as they make it all about the picture (which it definitely was at the start), it has now become for social than ever, with a direct message section and creates competition for people to collect the most followers. But whether it is a social app, or photo editor, it is still one of my favourite apps ever. YAY!


My VSCO is . Please visit and like and follow and do whatever you do. I hope you have an awesome day! Comment and tell me all about your photographic experiences.


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