“How does writing sound as a career?”

I asked myself this a while back in November. We were learning about Flair Writing – which is essentially writing with flair (or at least, that was the definition my teacher gave me) – and we had to write an article about someone we disliked or truly admired, but had to write it with, you guessed it, flair.

I had no idea who to do it about, but my class was buzzing and we were all talking about people we hated. Personally, I wanted to write about Selina Waterman-Smith which quite a few people (okay, two other people) in my class could relate to. She was a contestant on The Apprentice at the time and every time I looked at her, I wanted to scratch my eyeballs out. I thought I’d be great at that.

I, like everybody else in my class, completely procrastinated until the day before, but I had a problem: I was going to be out all day. So I started. I wrote my article in the car. And I decided that Selina was just too much hassle because I didn’t actually know much about her except that she was a bitch and she clearly started doing makeup at a later stage in life. So the victim of my written-with-flair article was our poor Prime Minister, David Cameron.

I wrote like crazy, bearing in mind we went to watch two movies that day, I think my article turned out quite well. One day, I’ll probably have writers block and post it.

The second of the two movies we watched was the Snoopy movie. It was a preview and we were pretty much the only family there, with maybe two others. It was a weird atmosphere: maybe because of the movie, but also because I practically was lying on my chair.

The movie had a dog in it who wrote a tragic love story on a typewriter and it ignited a love for typewriters within my soul. A love short lived because I still do not own a typewriter. However, with the article and the movie, another love was sparked within my soul: writing.

But that was back in November and as much as I was truly excited then, for some reason, it got pushed aside by other things and it was put in a lonely corner in a deep dark corner of my brain.
Wait! Surely you can understand that since I started regularly writing my blog again in January, you just a more than healthy dose of Xaha anyway? You guys actually get a bigger dose of Xaha than most of my friends.


HOWEVER, it’s okay, because my writing obsession had all come back to me! Yay! It started yesterday (and I’m hoping it’ll last longer than a few weeks this time), when I picked up a book at the library (I volunteer) called Laughing All The Way To The Mosque by Zarqa Nawaz. I technically picked it up because it said mosque and Pakistan was mentioned on the page I turned to, but boy am I glad I did! It’s one of the best books I have ever read, very relatable and inspired me to think seriously about writing. I also love that Writers have that skill to make something very uninteresting interesting, which could come in very handy at dinner parties, something the Red Hot Chilli Peppers clearly didn’t have a problem with.

A few days ago, I didn’t score brilliantly in an English mock-mock. I asked why and my teacher said it was because I told stories with my words (or something like that. It was inspiring either way). And I wondered to myself yet again: “How does writing sound as a career?” I had had so many encounters that really, it just seems like fate.

Obviously I enjoy writing stories, but I feel like I never commit to them. I already know I don’t: I have so many unfinished Wattpad stories, it’s unreal. I also don’t want to be a news reporter because that’s too formal for my liking. I would prefer something like a columnist (I think), someone that writes about things that occur, but not too heavily (if that’s not what a columnist does, I am truly sorry). I want to do what I do on this blog, but professionally, and with a greater audience.

Honestly, a love for Architecture will always be deeply rooted in me because I love buildings way too much, but I don’t think writing could ever be a bad direction to go in and I hope it all works out the way I want it to. And that I find what the official title would be for the type of job I want.

Just thought I might tell you.


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