Best Apps: Let’s Talk


Week Two of my best applications checklist. Woo yeah! Today is the turn of the communication apps because let’s be honest, these are what we base our lives around when we are alone.  I do at least, you can disagree if you want.


WhatsApp Messenger

I believe, however, I may be wrong, that this app is currently more popular than Facebook? I agree. I personally, do not have Facebook, because prefer apps with a purpose, rather than having something everybody else has. I do admit that I did get WhatsApp because everybody had it, but then I realised it was really a good messenger and it’s useful.


How could we forget Snapchat? I don’t really know what to say about Snapchat, but it’s quite private in a weird way, because you don’t have random people popping up, just the people you have added, there are no adverts, and only the people you have added see the stuff you get up to, so it’s usually private for a social communication app.

Others That Didn’t Make The Cut

I can’t write much about these, because I don’t use many, but I know that KIK is a bit outdated, this was one of the first ones I got, so that’s cool. But I got rid of it after around a year. Skype still makes the cut, I just don’t use it very much, but it’s the original FaceTime. Seriously original, it was initially released in 2003, so FaceTime was a distant concept around then. An app I am starting to love very much is Viber and of course, this is like WhatsApp, however, it includes stickers. Which WhatsApp doesn’t have, which really disappoints me, yes, you have emojis, but still, stickers. We need stickers.

Like I said, these are the apps I use the most, but I don’t really sway, I gave you the most info I could.

Next week, we’re going to my music. And that is going to be detailed AF, so come back next Friday! But also come back tomorrow, because if you like music, you may be interested in my JamLists – list of 5 songs I’ve loved in the week.


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