Best Apps: Socially Speaking.


I have spent some time creating a list of the best apps in a few categories, to make it easier for you in the future. You may find some you haven’t heard of before, or maybe an old one you used to use. Either way, this is a great checklist and I hope it’s useful!

This week it’s the turn of the social apps. The networks that sip up all our leisure time and we spend needless hours on, when we could be doing something with our lives. Oh well.



I love Instagram very much and it is very important to me, so much so that I have a few apps that I have installed for Instagram to make my experience better. These include Instasize, Layout, Repost and Trackgram. Instasize is for giving your pictures a background, so they fit the square. Layout is an app by Instagram for putting multiple pictures together in a collage, useful for displaying pictures from a holiday. Repost is for reposting stuff, but also giving credit to whoever posted its first and Trackgram is for seeing who followed you, who unfollowed you, ghost followers and the whole shebang.


Even though many people think Tumblr is a thing of the past, it’s still one of my favourite networking sites. You can post all types of media on it, and can find almost everything on it. I would like to warn you that Tumblr is very much the best and the worst of the internet in one place, enter at your own risk. Instagram is also going very ‘Tumblr’. Like ‘Who [insert name here] your feed is so Tumblr.’ ‘How Tumblr of you.’ Even people who don’t have Tumblr think they can define what Tumblr is. I’m like no. You can’t define Tumblr. Stop.

We Heart It

I think I have always had a thing for pictures. Even though Instagram is also a picture social network, We Heart It is different because you can only post pretty pictures. Instagram is quite commercial. We Heart It is not a place for selfies and pictures of your food. Unless you’re extremely beautiful and your food is from a 5 star restaurant in France. It’s different in that way. It’s not essential, but it’s a cute addition to the list.

Others That Didn’t Make The Cut

Facebook is an outdated network in my opinion. Many people I know are shying away from Facebook because people post so much and with so many friends, your feed gets so long that it is actually annoying. Google+ never really caught on. I used to spend quite a lot of time on there, only because I was in a few Fall Out Boy fandom circles. Whisper isn’t something I use, but I know that if you start, you will probably get addicted: you can anonymously admit stuff you wouldn’t admit in real life and it was developed by teenagers. however, I like very much, but I only got it recently and haven’t fully discovered all the features yet. Vine is also one that is a bit outdated. It’s cute; a few people still use it, but none that I know personally, only popular Viners. Even I don’t use it, and I have it! I watch Vines that end up on Tumblr…


So these were a few apps I feel should be mentioned in the social part of things. Obviously, you wont need all of them, and I probably don’t either, but I like to live on the edge. Also, if you like the apps in the section that didn’t make the grade, that doesn’t mean they’re not good, it’s just that I don’t absolutely lurve them, they are still good. So go for it.

Next week we will be looking at Communication: the best apps to use for communicating with the friends we talked to 20 minutes ago in person.


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