Things You Know If You’re Fluent in a Language


I am fluent in Urdu and I watch television in Urdu for enjoyment. However, one channel that I watch has all its programmes subtitled, which is quite funny because you can hear the actor say one thing and the subtitles say another, it makes me laugh dearly, and my parents too. We joked about it. Sometimes it gets really bad and we have to rewind the programme because we have no idea what has just happened.

Obviously, I haven’t grown up in a country where they speak Urdu as their first language, so even though I can speak it well and everything, I have a British-Urdu accent and I didn’t even realise this until 2 years ago. My sister has a very British accent when speaking Urdu and it makes me laugh sometimes.

It’s really funny because when you’re in shopping centres or airports, you hear a variety of languages, and people often assume I have no idea what they’re saying because many children don’t learn their mother tongue, however I did, so when people are complaining or bitching about someone that didn’t serve them correctly in a shop, I laugh to myself about it. Then make a mental note to myself telling me never to go in that particular shop.

One thing I get regularly when people find out I speak a different language is: “Say something..” then a weird face anticipating what nonsense is going to come out of my mouth. Then I have to tell them I don’t know what to say, which obviously I do know, because people usually just end up asking me how to say “Hello, my name is [insert name here]”, but I ask just in case someone is different. But I guess I understand why people ask because people speaking other languages is quite rare in my little town.

I should add that it’s a funky idea to use a different language in passwords (my mum gave me that idea)

I am going to go now and drink some Apple & Raspberry juice from Tesco’s because it is very nice. I think I should get some commission for just spontaneously advertising like that.

I am going to leave you know with a picture of bae, Shehryar Munawar Siddiqui:

Isn’t he just beautiful?


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  1. Delilah says:

    My daughter had to give a speech in Urdu. She ended up doing well according to several native speakers of the language. She does have a bit of a southern accent though. Nonetheless, I was proud.


    1. Xaha says:

      Woo yeah! Go your daughter!


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