My Problem With Amazon Prime

Actually, I love Amazon Prime. I was amazed when my mother informed me of the fact that some items could be ordered and arrive the next day. Yes, amazed. I remember way back in 2010, I bought Now That’s What I Call Music 76 from Amazon after finding it was cheaper on there than from HMV. It took days to arrive, days and days and days. I was very annoyed. So the arrival of Amazon Prime was welcomed with open arms.

I used to check every time if my item was on Prime, but after a while, I just got used to the fact that everything I could ever want was on Prime. It became a way of life.

Earlier this year, around January time, we got and Amazon Fire TV, not sure why, but glad we did. At first I was overcome by the amount of movies available on demand, movies that hadn’t come on Sky Movies yet so I was very happy. I sifted through all of them very happy with everything, it was easy to use and on my half-sick day in January, I watched half of Delivery Man, again, may I add, I saw it in cinema.

So we can say that it’s not Amazon Prime itself or Prime movies that I have a problem with. Neither is it the Fire TV. It is, duh duh duh: Amazon Prime Music.

Now, if you know me, you know that I am obsessed with all thing music-y. I have earphones in 24/7. So I was very excited when I discovered that Amazon Music was a thing. As a regular user of Spotify, my dad was very pleased with the fact that since we had a Prime subscription, it was ideally, Spotify Premium, but from Amazon. I went straight to my Amazon Fire TV to find out and to my non-surprise, there were lots of playlists. Which brings me to the point: You can’t search for music on a fire TV. You can only hope that that one Fall Out Boy song you like is on one of the playlists (which I found, there’s an emo playlist in the rock section, which is very demeaning, I must say. It only had Grand Theft Autumn/Where Is Your Boy? so I made the most of that.) So no searching. But there is a Daft Punk playlist for when I’m feeling Punky (see what I did there), which is quite often recently especially after discovering ‘Instant Crush’. Anyway, back to Fall Out Boy, I was also very annoyed when my dad opened the app on his phone and it turns out only one album Take This To Your Grave is actually available on Prime Music, which just happens to be the one album not on Spotify. Panic! At The Disco have fared better though because pretty much every one of their albums is available and they have their own playlist ‘curated by Amazon’s Music Experts’ called ‘Panic! At The Disco’s Top Songs’. But Fall Out Boy don’t get that. Even though they are more popular in the UK. Don’t get me wrong, I can guarantee that everybody who listens to Fall Out Boy in the UK have absolutely most definitely listened to a Panic! song, but still. I don’t listen to them nearly as much as Fall Out Boy.

And this is just one case. I bet there are many more out there. This is getting to me. Let’s listen to some ‘Sarah Smiles’, oh wait…

So really I never had a problem with Amazon Prime itself, just Prime Music and the fact I have to search through endless playlists trying to find a song, only to realise it’s not actually on there. So really this post should have been called My Problem With Amazon Prime Music. Oh well.
And can we just take a second to think about the fact that Bob Dylan has almost 50 albums o Prime Music? And they couldn’t add 5 more Fall Out Boy albums… No. I Will Not Let It Go.


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