My Day At The Farm

On Monday, I had an awesome day at my local farm. Now, I know I sound like an 8 year old when saying that because no kid my age was actually there, but I have never actually been there before, or remember going there at least. I remember it was like, the place to go when everyone was in lower school, but I didn’t go.

Last week, my dear mother told us, that if we were good, we would get a treat and I wondered what it was for a few minutes, then admittedly, I forgot about it. When Monday morning came, I slept until 10, and my mother told me we were going to the farm and I was excited. We had to rush off because thy opened at 10 and we had to utilize our time. So we got there and there were loads of people there already. Raayan, my brother, had loads of his friends there, because like I said, it is the place to go in Lower School. The first thing we did was play by this play area made out of wood and stuff, mainly because it was the first thing we saw and my mother was planning the day with her programme. We had half an hour until Lamb Feeding started so we went to find these lambs.

They were in this large-ish barn and the first thing I saw was pigs. We also saw these Golden Goats that has a special name; I think they were Golden Guernseys. They were cute. And then the sheep started baaaaing at me and then they all started baaaaing and me. I was scary, but I think they were trying to tell me something…

My brother was immediately attracted to the go-carts (he has an obsession, with cars and driving, not go-carts in particular) and we all went on them. It was fun, nothing like driving a real car, the brake wasn’t even in the right place and you had to pedal to accelerate!  It was tiring but very fun.

We went back to see if the Lamb Feeding had started, but there was only a kid feeding a sheep from a bag with food in that we rejected to pay for when offered. So no Lamb Feeding for us. Afterwards we went to see the bunnies and they were so adorable, it was unbelievable! I almost died of a cuteness overdose.

Obviously we couldn’t leave without going the play area, but it was only around 12, so going home wasn’t even a prospect yet. We first went on the slides, I did the multi-coloured one, and the blue one, but I just couldn’t get onto the red drop slides. We ran around a lot. We were probably there for an hour.

Then we went on the Sky Trail, I was feeling extra brave, not so much when I got up there. I saw the lamb racing from quite far up. But I got down after 20 minutes. We then went into the Maize Maze. A Maze made out of Maize. Yes. That’s a thing. It wasn’t realty a maze, it was a path in a maize field. We needed to find the answers to a quiz in the maze.  When we finished, we got ice cream and crisps and after we went on a tractor ride. We sat with a family with a baby, probably a year old, and he kept looking at me and he was the cutest thing. The ride was only like 5 minutes, so when we got back, my brother and sister went to the go-carts again and me and my mother went to play golf. Golf is my favourite sport after hockey, and the only reason hockey is my favourite sport is because I can whack the ball far thanks to my golf skills. I can’t play golf very well, but if anything I can hit a golf ball far with good aim. My brother and sister also came to join us. I got a hole in one twice. I also hit myself in the head with a golf ball (I was throwing it up and catching it, and I missed it. It went straight to my head. I think a few brain cells died).

Raayan found a few of his friends and started playing golf against them and a few minutes later, we find that he whacked one of his friends with the golf club. After apologizing and everything, we went to tell his parents and they were like “Nah, he’ll be fine” and funny stories were scared about knocking peoples teeth out, etc.

I saw the rock climbing wall and me and my brother went to queue for that. It took forever. In the queue, there were a few girls my brother knew but he was too nervous to talk to them, bless him. So I talked to the girl behind me. We was called Ava and she was ginger and so sweet. I got to the top of the wall by the way. There were a few handley things missing, but I got one of Ava’s one and got my myself to the top around four times. Yay. After that we went back to the play area and there were a lot more kids there now. There was even that group of boys who were hard core and started talking about how they were underage. I hope it was for Call of Duty or something and not anything else. Anyway, so me and Raayan and Daania played it and then I saw this group of kids and one around 11 or 12 did a backflip right in front of me and I was like Woo! It was quite good, considering it was the most cramped place anyone could find to do a backflip.

We went home very tired, but it was amazing. I’d probably get bored if I went again, but I did all I could this one time so I am happy.

p.s: 1001 words


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