WordPress Rant

  1. It seems like all free themes on WordPress are for pictures. Like big pretty pictures that I don’t take. I do not own a big camera for professional pictures so my blog can look all pretty and stuff. After all, my blog is not for pictures, it’s not a portfolio or anything, it’s a blog about music and occasionally movies and even more occasionally some weird stuff I have been up to like one-off cooking and breaking stuff. I don’t need big pretty pictures. And yet, my blog looks all boring without them, because the theme is still designed for pictures. BIG FLIPPING PICTURES!
  2. Without paying WordPress anything, you can’t do much. No plugins, no pretty themes. No nothing. Except for the fact that they are giving you a place to write your life off on the internet. That’s quite big, but when you can’t do anything with it, it’s annoying. Tumblr is offering better than this. By the way I do have Tumblr, but it’s basically this blog but on Tumblr.

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