American Mystery Story?

Recently we had some people move into the house directly in front of us. The first people who lived there were really nice but they moved away around two years ago and we never really talked to the next 4 families that moved in. We did a bit to the first family, then a bit less to the next and eventually we just gave up because they end up moving out within 6 months. I expect no different from this family.

But this morning I noticed that they had put up American bunting above the door and across the house, I thought this was slightly strange, but didn’t think much of it. A few hours later, my father told me if I had seen the house and I said yes, but to my surprise, they had put up a massive flag hanging from a window. And I look now, and there is another flag two flags in the windows.

I have a few theories:
They are American: Well, they could just be feeling patriotic.
They are expecting American guests: Not impossible.
There is some unknown American event that I know nothing about: But when me and my dad investigated, we went on Google and there was no Google Doodle.

So hey, if you’re American, you have a relative living in America, you’ve studied American History, have been to America, you like America, you know what, even if you have the slightest connection to America, please, help me out and try and solve this mystery with me. The flags are still up. It’s getting to me.


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