Energy Troubles

On Monday, we had a Smart Energy meter installed and we are now aware of all the energy being used.

It’s torture.

I often find myself just staring at it to make the number go down. I can’t even make a cup of tea for my dear mother without being weary about the amount of energy that is being used; I am then bought back to reality after what seems like forever by a beep telling me the water’s been boiled. Our kettle itself takes up almost 3000W. No more tea for my mother.

My massive fan (by massive, I mean like 3 feet) only takes 40W and funnily enough, my amplifier: only 38W. And it can go very very very loud. Gives me an excuse to use it more often, though I’m not really going anywhere: bar chords are next and my hand hurts when I do that. But my friend, Joe, is super good at playing the guitar, like seriously, it’s insane. Even me attemping to play something like that is pathetic. I’m no Jimi Hendrix <— ha ha, Joe can play Voodoo Child really well. I didn’t actually know the song until I heard him play it and I’ve kind of had an obsession since. You can ask my aunt.

Let’s be honest here, I’m not the one paying for the energy and probably won’t be until I’m like 30 and leave my home, but this meter is scaring me. My parents kept telling me I was wasting energy, but I never believed them. We can say that I believe them now. I’m just going to marry a rich guy so I don’t have to worry about these bills. I’ll be like: “Can you pay my bills? Can you pay my telephone bills? Do you pay my automo’ bills?” and he’ll be like “Sure, I’m rich. Hey, do you want to go shopping?” That’ll be the life.


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