Ain’t Nobody (Felix Jaehn Remix) vs. Show Me Love (Sam Feldt Remix)

Two classic 80s songs. Two remixes. One winner.

I love these two songs. Show Me Love is my favourite 80s song ever! But Ain’t Nobody was not far behind, it’s a great song to sing. I’ve kind of grown up with 80s music, since it’s my dad’s favourite era of music. Even though I’m every much a 21st century kid, I love the 80s (the bass just gets to me). So when I found these two remixes, I was like Oh My Goodness.

  1. Show Me Love (feat. Kimberley Anne) – Sam Feldt: So when I first came across this song, I didn’t know it was a cover, I just Googled it and realized that they were the same lyrics to the Robin S song. But it was slow, so I was like “No, we must give ze zong zhe chanze” in my weird accent. It stayed slow. In fact, it was nothing like the pumping dance track I expected to be. I’m very – very  open minded when it comes to music, so I was cool with the fact that such a classic song had been covered, but in the end I was disappointed with the fact that it was quite boring.  
  2. Ain’t Nobody [Loves Me Better] (feat. Jasmine Thompson) – Felix Jaehn: I was a lot happier with this song because it was a bit more upbeat. I liked one of Jasmine Thompson’s songs called Adore, and that was pretty amazing because I don’t really like voices like hers, or Ellie Goulding’s. No offense, I just don’t like it. But I liked this remix.

Obviously, it’s up to you to decide which one you prefer, but I definitely preferred Ain’t Nobody [Loves Me Better] (feat. Jasmine Thompson) – Felix Jaehn.



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