My JamList O’ 17 May 2015

So, I remembered this week. J

  1. Everyday (feat. Rod Stewart) – A$AP Rocky: I think the chorus just got to me and it was really relaxing. I never listen to A$AP Rocky, so this is a first.
  2. Harlem – New Politics: I discovered New Politics yesterday. I had heard of them before and this is one of my favourites.
  3. West End Kids – New Politics: This one was the first I heard however, it’s not bad, but I still have a special place for Harlem.
  4. Cry Baby Cry (feat. Sean Paul, Joss Stone) – Santana: We have an eccentric (in a good way, he was actually on The Voice UK, part of Joyful Sounds) music teacher, and we always do this starter and this week, a guy in our class suggested we do something to this song. No one except him and Sir had heard it before, but oh well. We did it anyway, and it was actually a really groovy song!
  5. New York Raining (feat. Rita Ora) – Charles Hamilton: I heard this song when they performed on the Voice UK, but I didn’t listen to it properly until a while ago.

I probably should have added some Tove Lo songs as I got her album, but I haven’t properly listened to it yet, so maybe later.



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