My JamList O’ 25 January 2015


I didn’t post last week because I was sucked into a four hour Monopoly game in which I ended up bankrupt first. So today is a double bill, and I could do the entire American Beauty / American Psycho album, because it is soo good!

  1. Fourth of July – Fall Out Boy: So good. This song is one of my favourites off of the album.
  2. Daffodils (feat. Kevin Parker) – Mark Ronson: I don’t know why, but this song is pretty catchy and I don’t know why but I love it.
  3. Favorite Record – Fall Out Boy: Remember how we danced? This would be the worst song to listen to when going through a break-up.
  4. Jet Pack Blues – Fall Out Boy: So is this. So many sad songs on the new album. I and one of my best friends, Niamh, were jamming to this in a Maths lesson and we were like “AND I REMEMBER!” at the same time and we had to like mouth it and the guys in front of us were just like: What is wrong with them?
  5. Wish You Were Mine – Phillip George: For some reason, this song is like ultra-stuck in my head. Quite old now, but very good.
  6. Dance, Dance – Fall Out Boy: Speaking of old songs, let’s recap some old Fall Out Boy classics. 😉
  7. Nicotine – Panic! At The Disco: It seems all Panic! songs were stuck in my head this week.
  8. Vegas Lights – Panic! At The Disco: This one especially. This isn’t even one of favourites, but this one was stuck the most.
  9. My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em Up) – Fall Out Boy: I was listening to this today and I was like this song is sooo old, but I love it still. In my music project thing, we ended up doing this song and I was sooo ill last week and I couldn’t sing, so I messed up two performances due to this illness. I felt guilty as hell.
  10. Twins Skeletons (Hotel in N.Y.C) – Fall Out Boy: Hold onnnn, hold onnnn, hold oonnnnnnn!

Due to being still being in education, I am embarking on a new era in my academic life therefore I probably won’t be able to be post as much on Saturdays (not like I was anyway), but I hope that xahamedia will still be a thing in a few years.



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