My MegaYearJamList O’ 2014

So here be my Mega Year JamList. Please note that every song I jammed to this year is not featured in this list because considering I got Spotify this year in May and added all the songs I jammed to this year, I have 2,646 song added and therefore this list contains 5.7445200302343159486016628873772% of the songs I jammed to. This only included the ones I remembered. Which wasn’t many.

1 Centuries Fall Out Boy Come on. It’s Fall Out Boy, and by far their best song this year. In fact, my favourite song of the year!
2 Shower Becky G Such a feel good song and it’s a song I never get bored of.
3 You Make Me Feel Sabi Cobra Starship Same as Shower, it’s a song I never get bored even though I heard it years ago!
4 Zoom Last Dinosaurs So. My brother bought NFS: Most Wanted quite some time ago. But in March I was listening to the soundtrack while he was playing and this song came on and I realised that I really loved this song. In fact, I loved Last Dinosaurs as a whole and I went on to listen to all their songs and bought the album which never gets old. Me and my brother are dedicated fans. Sad they don’t play anymore. That would be cool.
5 Immortals Fall Out Boy Since Fall Out Boy only released like 5 songs this year, this is like on of my favourites of the year, obviously. But it’s a really good song and I never get bored of it. But I probably would get bored if I was immortal, which I’m not as far as I am aware.
6 Wait On Me Rixton I had a proper obsession with this song a few months ago and definitely one of my favourites jams of the year
7 Alone Together Fall Out Boy If you follow my blog, you will know my current obsessions are Fall Out Boy and Tetris (okay, so you didn’t know about the Tetris one, but Tetris is my one true love). So I listened to this a lot and even got two of my friends to listen to Fall Out Boy and my friend Karl learns their songs on the piano and he’s in my music group a project and we are doing this song. And one of my best friends, Lauren, bought the album because of me. That’s got to mean something
8 Kathleen Catfish & The Bottlemen Okay, so before Fall Out Boy, I loved this band called Catfish & The Bottlemen and this was one of my favourite songs of the year. There were three bands I loved this year: Catfish & The Bottlemen, Last Dinosaurs and Fall Out Boy. When I first heard this I was like: I don’t know why I like this because it’s like rock, but I love it! I suprised myself.
9 Animals Maroon 5 I don’t know why I love this song. I don’t know why I watched the video. Don’t do it people. I’m trying to save you. There is nothing artistic about jumping on meat and stalking a girl. I blame the director. And Tommy.
10 Uptown Funk Bruno Mars Mark Ronson A great tune for the end of the year. It’s one of th best song of the year but in a short ammount of time, it’s become a bit overplayed.
11 American Beauty/American Pyscho Fall Out Boy I pre-ordered the album so I will get it on the 19 January and I am excited. Extremely. I wasn’t sure about this song at first, but I listened to it more and make sure you don’t do this, because it get’s stuck in your head very badly.
12 Young Volcanoes Fall Out Boy This is a really feel good song for some unknown reason.
13 In Your Pocket Maroon 5 I think just because the chorus is so catchy, it kind of makes you love this song. One of the best on the album, V.
14 R U Mine? Arctic Monkeys If you read the JamList this song was featured on, you will know that there is a long story behind how I came across this song. If you haven’t all you need to know is that I love this song so much.
15 The Kids Aren’t Alright Fall Out Boy The opposite to American Beauty / American Psycho. I’m soooo excited for the album!
16 Where Did The Party Go? Fall Out Boy I love the bass.
17 Just One Yesterday Foxes Fall Out Boy This song is so good to dance to and I love the Foxes bit on it.
18 The Phoenix Fall Out Boy I didn’t listen to this song until I listened to the whole album in full and I loved it. I was like, why where you holding back?
19 Thinking Out Loud Ed Sheeran I had an obsession with Ed Sheeran mid-year when his album came out and admittedly I didn’t listen to this song off the album but when it became popular, I liked it immediately.
20 Seeya Colleen D’Agostino deadmau5 The bass. I love bass. You may have figured this.
21 Shoreline Kingsland Road This song is so much better than you expect it to be. I never expected that Kingsland Road could produce a track like this but it’s so good.
22 Wrapped Up Travie McCoy Olly Murs Anyone up for a disco?
23 Call Mi A Leader Stylo G I love the music. I researched it and it features Could You Be Loved by Bob Marley and The Wailers. The rap just makes it. I like this better than the original. Shh. Don’t tell Bob.
24 Jungle (Remix) Jay-Z X Ambassadors, Jamie N Commons I don’t know why I like this song, but it is really good.
25 Say My Name Zyra ODESZA The chorus is very catchy. And Zyra’s voice is awesome, her accent comes out in her voice
26 Take Shelter Years & Years The bass in this song is so good. I love this song. It’s proper meaningful as well.
27 Million Pound Girl (Badder Than Bad) Fuse ODG I just love Fuse ODG! Had an obsession with this song at the begininng of the year.
28 Blank Space Taylor Swift Good song. Bit haunting though. She’s a nightmare?
29 Hell & Back Kid Ink When I listen to this song, I feel like I can do anything I want to, because that’s what Kid Ink did. You feel it.
30 Miss Missing You Fall Out Boy This is another song that hits you. Right there. Deep.
31 V.3005 Childish Gambino I think this song has real meaning and that’s why I love it so much. And you can actually understand what he’s saying!
32 Busy Earning Jungle Victory Song!
33 Shining X Ambassadors This song was kind of my anthem for quite some time. I first heard it on NFS: Rivals and I instantly fell in love with it. It was just sad that the song changes every time the player goes into a chase. So annoying.
34 Body Language Tinashe, Usher Kid Ink At first, I fell in love with the music and it sounded quite oriental, then I actually listened to it and I loved it and still do.
35 Netzwerk (Falls Like Rain) Klangkarussel You know when you just love a song and you don’t know why exactly? That’s happening again.
36 Bind Your Love Cher Lloyd This was a pretty late discovery considering I added her album on Spotify in August. But then again, Spotify is like having an unlimited amount of money for buying music, but not having a device to listen to it when your out. Anyway, I love this song, and could possibly be one of my favourite songs of all time. I might even buy it. Isn’t it funny how she cracked America, but didn’t do as well in the UK? I always liked her.
37 Fancy Footwork Chromeo Curse you Step Up 3. I watched it like 3 times within 2 days just so I could listen to the song. I listened to the song like 19 times separately as well.
38 Cocoon Catfish & The Bottlemen Another Catfish & The Bottlemen song I love.
39 Time & Place Last Dinosaurs This was the second Last Dinosaurs song I heard and it was quite the opposite of Zoom, but it’s was still me and my brothers jam. I also dedicated this song to my friend Karl, because he often doesn’t think when he says something. I made him listen to it once, but I don’t think he was listenimg.
40 Outside Ellie Goulding Calvin Harris This is a really good song, but I didn’t jam to it as much as I should have done. It’s better than I treated it. And OMG. Ellie Goulding actually sounded OK on a song. The girl can’t sing. And have you seen her face when she attempts to sing?
41 Anaconda Nicki Minaj Um. Who doesn’t love this song? Nobody realky should, but everyone does anyway.
42 Come Get It Bae Pharrell Nice baaaaassssss.
43 Kanye sirenXX The Chainsmokers I love the sirenXX bit and The Chainsmokers bit. I love this song in general.
44 California Amelia Lily It sounds like a really good song but then you listen to it and I figured it’s actually a depressing song.
45 Bang Bang Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj Jessie J This song was great on it’s own. Then Fleur East (X Factor) came along. And she took it to a whole new level. She also did Uptown Funk and that was really good too. She was definitely one of my favourites to win. Along with Andrea Faustini.
46 I Can’t Decide Last Dinosaurs This wasn’t one of my favourite songs of theirs at first, but it grew on me and one of my favourites now.
47 Rest Of Our Life Jason Derulo I don’t know if you could say this song is suggestive because he wants this girl to stay, but then it is suggestive. Why you do this, Jason?
48 Come Over Stylo G Clean Bandit Stylo G in mentioned yet again. This is how I heard of him first and this is one catchy song and I hear them steel drums. This song wasn’t as popular as it should have been.
49 L8 CMMR Lily Allen This is one of my favourite Lily Allen songs ever.
50 Save Rock and Roll Sir Elton John Fall Out Boy
51 Wake Up Call Nothing But Thieves We’re going to see a lot of these guys next year.
52 Best Friend Foster The People That chorus. And intro. I can play the intro on guitar. 😉
53 Ivory Adam French This song is so haunting, yet so good.
54 Prayer In C Lillywood and the Prick Robin Schulz This is such a summery song. I listen to this song and I think of my school trip to Thorpe Park. No relation though, I didn’t hear this until a month afterwards.
55 Drunk and Incapable Melissa Steel Krishane “You got my heart drunk and incapable!” This is so summery, but when I first heard it, it was like October.
56 Seashells Florrie I like the intro, it’s quite Indiany.
57 Feels Like Vegas Tinashe I like Tinashe and this was the first song I heard by her and (OMG, I just properly listened to it. Let’s leave it there…) Good song though.
58 I’m Not The Only One Sam Smith It was Sam’s year this year wasn’t it? All his songs are so good because his voice is something very special.
59 Safe and Sound Capital Cities The trumpet bit is so catchy!
60 Set Me Free Martin Garrix Dillon Francis Best Dillion Francis song ever.
61 Locked In A Cage Brick + Mortar Another NFS: Rivals inspired choice.
62 Best Day Of My Life American Authors They may be one hit wonders, but their one song is awesome!
63 Team Lorde I love this song. No reason.
64 Summer Calvin Harris It’s great that Calvin sings on this one. I love this song, still. This was one of my favourite Calvin Harris song’s ever.
65 Smells Like Teen Spirit Nirvana Old is Gold.
66 To Love & Die Cocaine 80’s Jhene Aiko This song is quite mysterious, isn’t it? Maybe that’s why I like it.
67 Stay With Me Sam Smith Who doesn’t love this song?
68 Show Me Chris Brown Kid Ink The weird intro bit. I like that, therefore like the entire song.
69 I Wish T.I Cher Lloyd I like the style of this song.
70 My Type Saint Motel Like Busy Earning, this seems like a victory song to me.
71 No Mother Rag’n’Bone Man Oh My God: his voice. I’m making my mother listen to this. She’s like it.
72 Bubblegum Tyga Jason Derulo This is a pretty fun song. Pop pop pop pop pop pop pop that bubblegum.
73 Can’t Rely On You Pharrell Paloma Faith The chorus. Me and my friend did a medley of songs and choreographed a dance to it and this was one of the songs.
74 Take Me To Church Hozier I had heard of this song long before I listened to it. I fell in love with it instantly.
75 Don’t Gimme That The Tijuana Wonderbrass The Bosshoss Forgive me. I watched the ‘World Music Awards.’ Even though the awards were horrifying: this song caught my attention and is really catchy.
76 Black Widow Rita Ora Iggy Azalea I just like this song. There’s isn’t really a reason.
77 Ignition (Remix) R. Kelly This song sounds good every year.
78 The Monster Rihanna Eminem Everyone used to love this song. It’s like a proven fact.
79 Shake It Off Taylor Swift I know all the words to this. I still don’t like the fact she took all all her songs off of Spotify. Nobody else felt the need to do so.
80 Money On My Mind Sam Smith Awh. Love Sam Smith.
81 Let It Be Labrinth Labrinth knows good music.
82 Celebrate (from Penguins of Madagascar) Pitbull This is such a feel good song. I watched Penguins Of Madagascar and it’s a really good movie. At the end when this song came on, I was proper jamming. Imagine me when Big Hero 6 comes out and Immortals comes on. Oh My God.
83 Come With Me Now KONGOS Such a catchy song! No one cares about the verse, it’s the chorus that makes it.
84 Reggae Shark The Key of Awesome What do I say?
85 Timber Ke$ha Pitbull No one can deny this is a really good song.
86 Look Right Through MK Storm Queen If you listen to this song with headphones and really loudly, the bass just – Oh My Goodness. It’s soooo good.
87 The Reason I Live Rizzle Kicks I love the 20’s vibe on their newest album and this is the best song.
88 Mmm Yeah Pitbull Austin Mahone “All that I could say was mmm yeah, mmmmm yeah!”
89 Don’t Tell ‘Em YG Jeremih I’ev only heard one other Jeremih song and that’s Imma Star. From this song I have heard that he’s from Chicago. So are Fall Out Boy! Oh, he also needs a companion.
90 Green Light Syron Mista Silva Summery song. But I listened to it too much and I’m a bit bored now.
91 Slow Acid Calvin Harris This song. It’s a weird one, because you can only silently jam to it like I am doing right now.
92 Lost Generation Rizzle Kicks Great song. I love Rizzle Kicks
93 Skip To The Good Bit Rizzle Kicks “Skip To The Good Bit. OHHHHHHHHHHH!”
94 Empire Shakira So catchy! Just the chorus, the rest is like okay.
95 On The Regular Shamir Unexplainable likeness.
96 Heroes (We Could Be) Tove Lo Alesso I don’t this song was around long enough for it to be any higher because there were some really good songs this year, but this is up there with one of my favourite dance tracks.
97 International Chase & Status I love this song. No reason, though. I think it’s the ragamuffin.
98 Cucurucu Nick Mulvey This song is so calming and yet makes no sense whatsoever.
99 BO$$ Fifth Harmony It might just be the hook, but this song is so catchy. Even my auntie jams to it. I think. I mentioned it and she said she had heard it, so I’m assuming she jams to it.
100 Rather Be Jess Glynne Clean Bandit Well. One of the most popular songs of the year, and I am pretty sick of it now. But that doesn’t change the fact it’s still a really good song.
101 Hey Brother Avicii I just like this song. There’s isn’t really a reason. Again.
102 Do It All Over Again Elyar Fox Why isn’t this on Spotify anymore?!!
103 Nina Ed Sheeran This so deep. Oh My Goodness. It’s a given that all of Ed Sheeran’s songs are so deep.
104 2 On Schoolboy Q Tinashe I think it’s that riff.
105 Let This Last Forever Gary Go Benny Benassi When you listen to this once, it’s great. Then it takes over your Spotify queue and it seems like it’s the only song in your playlist and then it gets a bit boring.
106 Lovers On The Sun Sam Martin David Guetta I think it was like the year of country within pop, because Timber was country inspired and so was this, up until the bit where it goes all dancey.
107 Ready For Your Love MNEK Gorgon City Awh. I when I listen to this, I remember my friend’s birthday party, because we went roller skating and the DJ played this song.
108 I Want It All Karmin I don’t know why but the intro sounds like an Indian song. They do the whole Da-Da-Da thing a lot.
109 Break The Rules Charli XCX Dat bass.
110 Side FX The Game Jason Derulo I think it’s fair to say it was Jason’s year this year.
111 Jealous Labrinth This song is so sad.
112 OMG Usher Who doesn’t love this song? It takes me back
113 Lullaby Tori Kelly Professor Green I liked quite a few of Professor Green’s songs. There are some years where he’s really good and then years when you forget about him.
114 Trumpets Jason Derulo I can play this on piano now. I don’t know why I like it. I don’t know if I should really.
115 What’s That Spell? TJR Dillon Francis Dance.
116 Room To Breathe You Me At Six Curse good rock music. I don’t listen to rock music, yet my favourite bands are rock bands.
117 The Man Aloe Blacc Everyone loves this.
118 You & Me The Wannadies I loved this song for like a fortnight when a lighter version was featured on an advert for pets. Awh.
119 Blame John Newman Calvin Harris Great song because it’s a Calvin Harris song and everybody loves him. But there were other songs that were better.
120 Wicked Games Anna Naklab Parra For Cuva Such a calming song. I do my homework to it.
121 Has It Come To This The Streets Oh my goodnes, this song is very deep.
122 Dilemma Kelly Rowland Nelly I love this song. It’s a classic, isn’t it?
123 Superheroes. The Script This is a good song.
124 All She Wants Ace of Base This is me and my mothers JAM.
125 No Evil MAGIC! Not better than Rude, but better than Let Your Hair Down.
126 Popular Song Ariana Grande MIKA Awh. I love this song!
127 I Spy Mikhael Paskalev I love this song. I don’t know why. I first heard someone cover it, and then listened the original. I think I liked the original better.
128 Air Balloon Lily Allen This song was definitely better than Somewhere Only We Know, and Lily Allen’s voice has like the largest range ever.
129 Of The Night Bastille Since this song, the original was played more on Heart FM.
130 Last Night The Vamps All the Vamps songs are like so fun.
131 Don’t Be Gone Too Long Ariana Grande Chris Brown It wasn’t really Chris Brown’s year for me. Loyal was good. This was okay. Didn’t hit me.
132 I Like The Way Bodyrockers Dat bass.
133 Skyscraper Sam Bailey I love Sam Bailey, and her version of this song was really good, but she hasn’t done anything since then.
134 Royals Lorde Lorde is great. I love her, but this song was very much a last year song.
135 Control Matrix & Futurebound I remember recommending this song to someone but I don’t remember it very well anymore.
136 If I Lose Myself Alesso OneRepublic Good song, I guess. I like it when I listen to it, but I won’t listen to it twice in one day
137 Break Free Zedd Ariana Grande Um. Well. Good song. But it didn’t stick to me as much as it should have done. My friend sings it really well. She sings a lot of songs mockingly (if you get what I mean) but it sounds good anyway!
138 Wake Me Up Avicii I still love this song.
139 Blurred Line Pharrell, T.I Robin Thicke Let’s be honest. It’s a funky song.
140 Can’t Remember To Forget You Rihanna Shakira Catchy song I guess.
141 Let Me Go Gary Barlow Gary Barlow is like our Nation’s Sweetheart.
142 Wrecking Ball Miley Cyrus After this, I haven’t really heard of any of Miley’s new songs. Are they not as popular?
143 To Me, To You (Bruv) The Chuckle Brothers Tinchy Stryder You can’t help but laugh at this song. “Oh dear, oh dear oh dear!”
144 Yellow Flicker Beat Lorde I love Lorde’s voice. This is a good song, but only listened to it a few times. Within the few times, I learnt like all the words.
145 Somewhere Only We Know Lily Allen Last year’s John Lewis’ Christmas Advert song. You always love the song on the John Lewis Christmas Advert.
146 Talk Dirty 2 Chainz Jason Derulo Dear Jason, please stop making such catchy songs.
147 1,2 1,2 George The Poet It’s good to Samba to.
148 Counting Stars OneRepublic “Lately I’ve been, I’ve been losing sleep.” Maybe you should take a chilly pill.
149 Story Of My Life One Direction This is a good song, I guess. But I never jammed to it. Not last year, not this year.
150 Unconditionally Katy Perry It’s a good song.
151 All Of Me John Legend I hate this song now. Used to love it. Now I hate it. A lot.
152 Happy Pharrell This was a really good song from June last year until like, May this year, but then I became so bored of it. So bored. Can’t stand it anymore.

Anyway, if you bothered to read this entire list, Congratulations.
Happy New Year to you and I hope it’s awesome!



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