Night At The Museum: Secret of The Tomb Review


So here the conclusion to the epic Night At The Museum trilogy! And boy did it end gloriously.

The magic tablet it rotting. Disgustingly. It looks really weird. And nobody knows why. Except, this guy (and by guy, I actually mean Pharaoh Merenkahre ) who just happens to be Ahkmenrah’s father in located in England. So Larry Daley, the night guard at the museum, plans to take the tablet and Ahkmenrah to England but unexpectedly a few more familiar faces smuggle themselves into the country and try to help.
And obviously, because the tablet is in the British Museum now, all of the artefacts there are now waking up, like in New York. This includes Sir Lancelot who demands that he leads them and they battle mythical creatures and then they discover the secret of the tomb.*

I loved this movie, it was really funny! Hugh Jackman cameoed (that is indeed a word, spell check didn’t come up). It’s a great family movie and Rebel Wilson stars as a British security guard and she keeps talking which is quite funny when she’s doing a fake British accent.

I would give this movie 8 out of 10 XahaStars because it wasn’t perfect, but it was pretty funny. ANd because I decided I had to be tougher on my stars. They are special. You must earn them.



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