Nintendo DS Lite: Impossible to break.

Ever tried breaking a DS? If you have, then you will know it is literally impossible. You have no idea. My mother was emptying out stuff we don’t need anymore and we found our old DS’. I got mine for my  birthday all those years ago and let’s say it’s lived quite a few years after that. I was like whoa, mother, can i take it apart? and she was like, okay. I wanted to look at the insides and see if I could make something out of it. It didn’t work anymore for some unknown reason. It’s definitely not working now.

Only half done.


This was our Nintendo after we were half done with it. We decided this was only the beginning when we realised that only half breaking it was no fun and we had to go all the way. Originally, I was like <em>yes, let’s be the tech genius i know i’m not and create something </em>but when we tried taking it apart, there were two screws that would not come out. This was probably due to the fact I had had it fixed a few years before when something had gone wrong by my friends dad. It worked after that but he had damaged these two screws whilst doing so. He also used some weird screws so I didn’t have the correct screwdriver and I wasn’t going to order one just to take an old DS apart. Don’t have that much money.

Then we threw it around some more and the DS broke into two pieces *VICTORY*

Got there in the end

We still tried getting into the back, but it’s harder than it look, especially when not all of the screws were taken out properly. In the end we had to give up because the screws weren’t budging and neither was the plastic. We got the screens out, but the plastic was mouldable, hence the fact it is standing up in some of my pictures.
The original idea was to see the hardware of a Nintendo DS and see the engineering of this modern technical wonder that connected millions of children all over the world using Pictochat and playing a game you didn’t own on multiplayer, but it didn’t work out. We wrecked it too much.


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