My JamList O’ 21 December

Oh my Goodness. I haven’t done a JamList in over a month. Well, I have compiled a jumbo JamList. I believe my English teacher will be very happy with my use of alliteration right there. LONG DESCRIPTION ALERT!

  1. R U Mine? – Arctic Monkeys: I know this song is by the Arctic Monkeys and there are songs by Fall Out Boy in this list, so technically they should be first because I have and obsession with them, but believe me there is a lot of Fall Out Boy songs in this list. You see, this song is first because the rule of JamLists is that they include songs that I have been jamming to within the week, and this song has been stuck in my head 24/5 since I heard it. It’s quite old and it was performed on the Brits this year and I’m pretty sure I liked it but I never bothered to look into it. My maths buddy and friend, Benjamin Williams (he’s actually just Ben, doesn’t like Benjamin, but knowing me, I call him that anyway), recommended this song to me. I think this description can be a post on its own. Anyway, we are doing a project in music where we cover a song. We are in different groups but Ben’s group were really annoying and now I am singing for their group. They are doing Do I Wanna Know, also by Arctic Monkeys and I honestly don’t know why they are getting me to sing it because I can’t sing, Ben just heard me sing it when he told me what song they were doing and I’ve been put up to it. So much so that my group get really, really annoyed by them dragging me away. Our teacher eventually was like: “You need to stay with your group for at least an hour next lesson!” But when they had me for like a few minutes, one of the group members hooked up like 5 amplifiers to a computer and put R U Mine on and it was so good, then one of my group members came in and started jamming, but it funny because no teachers came in to tell us off even though there were mock GCSEs going on and like 3 classrooms around the room we were in. Oh well. Yeah, so this song has been stuck in my head ever since Wednesday.
  2. American Beauty / American Psycho – Fall Out Boy: When I first listened to this, I wasn’t that keen, but it’s really catchy. Now I don’t know if I like it because it’s by Fall Out Boy or because it’s really good. Oh well. I like it.
  3. The Kids Aren’t Alright – Fall Out Boy: This song is much more relaxed and so good! You can pre-order American Beauty / American Pyscho (the new album) and get three songs immediately which are American Beauty / American Psycho (duh!), Centuries (duh!) and The Kids Aren’t Alright (half-duh!). But no Immortals. Anyway, I’m begging my mother. She doesn’t like their name.
  4. Uptown Funk (feat. Bruno Mars) – Mark Ronson: Come on, who doesn’t like this song? It was meant to be released next year but due to Fleur East singing it on the X Factor; I believe this is the reason why the release date was moved much closer. So close in fact they released it.
  5. Where Did The Party Go? – Fall Out Boy: I bought the Fall Out Boy album the day heard this song. I heard the intro and I was hooked.
  6. Last All Night (Koala) [feat. KStewart] – Oliver Heldens: That beat. That’s all it took.
  7. Death Valley – Fall Out Boy: I don’t know why I like this song, but it’s good.
  8. 2 On – Tinashe: I’m pretty sure the music was taken from some other song because I think I’ve heard it before, but it’s a catchy song.
  9. No Mother – Rag’n’Bone Man: This guy’s voice is like sooo good. Usually I don’t care about the voice, just the music, but with this song, both are so good and oh my goodness.
  10. Alone Together – Fall Out Boy: My group are doing this song for our music project but we haven’t had a single rehearsal with all our members because they’ve either been ill or ill. Oh wait…
  11. On The Regular – Shamir: This song is pretty addictive. Hi, hi, howdy, howdy, hi, hi.
  12. Blind Heart (feat. Terri B!)- CAZZETTE: Well, this song has a pretty good beat.
  13. Bind Your Love – Cher Lloyd: My Spotify went to this song when on shuffle mode and I’m pretty happy it did. I don’t know what it is about Cher Lloyd, she does not have b=the best voice but something about it is pretty likeable.
  14. Miss Missing You – Fall Out Boy: I have listened to the entire album like 12 times since last Tuesday. And I and my friend Lauren love this song. She bought the album because I said I loved it so much and she’s happy. I happy because that means she didn’t waste her money.
  15. Just One Yesterday – Fall Out Boy: Ditto?
  16. BO$$ – Fifth Harmony: I think it’s just the Michelle Obama bit. I had heard of this song a long time ago and it’s one of the two of my favourite Fifth Harmony out of the two I know. Along with Sledgehammer. That’s a good song too.
  17. Blank Space – Taylor Swift: I only clicked on the video to listen to the song, then I watched the Bart Baker parody and it was hilarious. I’m not on the best terms with Taylor since she removed all her songs from Spotify. She’s so cocky; her music is too good to be listened to for free. Why does she let the radio play her songs? Why does she make videos? We don’t have to pay for those!
  18. The Phoenix – Fall Out Boy: I’ve been getting through the Young Blood Chronicles. The first one is My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark and that consists of two girls burning up instruments and it turns out Fall Out Boy have been kidnapped . The Phoenix shows how that happened and this was the first time I had actually listened to this song properly because I have never been bothered. Until now. I’m going to change you like a remix then I’ll raise you like a phoenix. Thank you very much.
  19. Something Big – Shawn Mendes: Another recommendation and boy is it catchy.
  20. Heroes (We Could Be) [feat. Tove Lo] – Alesso: I heard this so long ago but then I learned that it was going to be released like 3 months later, sort of like Fireball. But overall, good song.

This took an hour.




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