My JamList O’ 16 November 2014

So, how’s life?

Today was the ultimate song download day with four of my favourite songs being released today! But I didn’t download them. No no no. That’s not my style. I add on Spotify.

  1. Animals – Maroon 5: I love this song. So much so, that me and one of my best friends have made it our song. #funtimes.
  2. In Your Pocket – Maroon 5: After listening to Animals, I was like, let’s listen to the whole album and this is my favourite song off of it after Animals and Maps. Good song and gets easily stuck in your head. Ahhh!
  3. Seeya (feat. Colleen D’Agostino) – deadmau5: I heard this song a while back but didn’t realise how good it actually was until few days ago, the bassline: OMG.
  4. Wrapped Up (feat. Travie McCoy) – Olly Murs: Olly Murs is back!! Yay! And it’s with Travie McCoy!
  5. Wait On Me – Rixton: This was number one for me a few weeks back, but I can’t get enough of it and it was on Children In Need on Friday therefore I relapsed after going 2 days without listening to it. Oh well.

This is one of my favouritest JamLists yet!

Punha bhetu,



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