Happy New Year Review

I saw this movie yesterday and it’s so good! However, this review may mean nothing to you whatsoever because it’s a Bollywood film. But like many Indian movies, they have subtitles!

It’s about a group of 5 guys who seek revenge against a wealthy business man who put a man close to them in jail. This man has some precious diamonds and well, of course, they are going to be stolen by none other than our 5 guys.

There is Charlie (everyone’s favourite Bollywood actor, Shah Rukh Khan), a street father seeking revenge against Charan Grover (the big business man) for putting his father in jail. Jag (Sonu Sood) is Charlie’s friend and a former bomb guy in the army who gets really angry when someone offends his mother. REALLY ANGRY.

They get Tammy, a code breaker who was Charlie’s dad’s best friend. Rohan, a teenage hacker, also Jag’s nephew is brought on board. Rohan informs them that they need Charan Grover’s son, Vikki’s finger print. Therefore they find Nandu, like Nando’s but its Nandu. He’s a Vikki Grover look alike, but with blue eyes… He drinks a lot and is a bit dumb. And by a bit, I mean quite a lot.

Charlie tells them the plan to get to the diamonds which involves winning a World Dance Championship. They can’t dance. Not at all. Nandu introduces the gang to Mohini, a bar dancer *cue one of my favourite songs of the entire movie* who after some convincing joins the team and teaches them to dance.

It’s fair to say when they show India on live television, they don’t get the best result, probably because their dance is, let’s say, interesting. Rohan hacks into the system and they win in India, but they need to win the hearts of the World now.

But they don’t really want to want win the dance competition, they want to steal the diamonds, remember?

I can’t tell you anything else because that would defeat the object. It’s a 3 hour movie with an interval, but it’s really good! I would recommended it to anyone, who could speak Hindi. Or Urdu. Or Tamil. Or Telugu. Or English. There are subtitles. J

I give it 10 XahaStars™, duh! It’s a really good movie!




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