Live Halloween Diary

It’s coming. It’s happening. The day where everyone says trick and only like 12 people worldwide actually get tricked. It is, of course, Halloween. And once again, me and my father are playing the part that is far more important than going out collecting goodies: we’re the Givers of Treats. And DJs.

17:06: Nothing is happening! Nobody is coming and my siblings are annoying me by corrcting me when something is going wrong (guess, they’re not doing a very good job…)

17:14: Oh My Goodness, we got a customer!

17:19: The cutest little girl knocked on our door. SO adorable. I love my job.

17:26: A girl took two! #notimpressedface

17:27: My brother and sister have decided to leave me in peace with my chocolates and Exorcist music. I just realised it’s the worst piece of music to be playing when you’re at home in the dark with no one with you. It’s been on for 10 minutes! ANd the only Exorcist bit is at the beginning. Ah, Monster Mash. Much better…

17:31: Almost broke the door…

17:43: My brother’s friend came, but he wasn’t here!

17:52: I’M SOO BOREED!!!!

17:54: A two year old literally barged into my house and was like: “GIVE ME A CHOCOLATE!” I’m joking, he only walked onto the doormat and was very polite…

18:00: I’ve given up on Halloween songs and am now jamming to R5. Ross Lynch. Dreamy. Like Thor.

18:02: My siblings have returned…

1/11/14 – 18:04: You may think I abandoned my Live Halloween Diary. But I would never do that. My laptop discharged. But a summary of what happened: A few more children came, two of my friends came, one of which I didn’t know lived like 2 houses down from me, my other friends had warned me that they were going to come at midnight because going at 6 is too crowded with little children, however, I was awake at midnight because we watched Final Destination and Final Destination 2 and there was no sign of them.

I lived after a burn whilst making tea a few years ago, therefore, I intervened in death’s design. I almost burned myself with the cooker today, however. Oh My Goodness, it was sooooo freaky – I had one cooker thing on and I was turning the other one on but it wasn’t working so I went to turn it off and then the lit one went across and lit the unlit one. It was scary. Not the best thing to happen the day after you watched two Final Destination movies back-to-back. Death is coming to get me.*

Até Logo,


*I’m johkin’!


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