My JamList O’ 26 October 2014

I only realised on Friday in my I.T lesson that I had not posted a JamList last week! Do today you are getting a double dose of JamListing. I am extremely sorry that this was not posted yesterday. We were very busy after 2 o’clock until like 9 and I was very sleepy. ‘Cause I’m only humannnnnnee! (She says humane. Listen to the song. She says humane. Not human.)

  1. Wait On Me – Rixton: I don’t really listen to Rixton. I have heard all their songs; they’re good. But I just haven’t followed them. This song is the best song they have ever done. EVER.
  2. To Me To You (Bruv) – The Chuckle Brothers and Tinchy Stryder: What do I say?
  3. Busy Earning – Jungle: “Their album is full of such victory songs!” – Nick Grimshaw
  4. Jungle (Remix) – X Ambassadors, Jay-Z, Jamie N Commons: I’ve only heard of X Ambassadors because of Need for Speed. Is that a bad thing? I would have liked this song either way.
  5. Don’t Tell ‘Em – Jeremih: Been around a long time, but I hadn’t paid attention until like now.
  6. Slow Acid – Calvin Harris: Very different to what Calvin Harris would usually do.
  7. Hell & Back – Kid Ink: Again, a song that has been around for ages. Years, I think. 2012…
  8. Reggae Shark – Barely Political? Kieran O’ Hare? Reggae Shark? Um… I don’t know why I like this. It’s rather weird. It’s on Spotify! So is The Chuckle Brothers’ song…
  9. Celebrate – Pitbull: It’s from the Penguins of Madagascar movie! Who doesn’t love them?
  10. 1,2 1,2 – George The Poet: This song confuses me. It shouldn’t, but it does.




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