Saturday 25 October 2014: Diary Entry.

So as you may know, my mother runs ‘The Samosa Stall,’ (I’ll link her Facebook and Twitter, if you are interested. I’m sorry, but she doesn’t ship internationally…) so me, my brother Raayan and sister Daania are pretty much left to entertain ourselves.


I enjoyed many hours of Master Chef Australian (because the UK Master Chef isn’t nearly as good, and I like Australian accents) and then watched the second episode of Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D because I have decided that I will watch the entire first season, then the second season because I am obsessed with Marvel. My school bag is covered with Marvel comics from back in the day. Funny story about my school bag: it said on the label that it will fade over time so it will have a retro look, but on the first day back at school, I could already see it fading! I was like “it said ‘over time’, not on the first day back!”

By this point, my brother had been begging me 3 hours straight for the TV so to get him to go away, I let him play on the XBOX and I went to listen to Radio 1, which is ironic really, because I ended up going away – not my brother. I listened to the end of Matt Edmondson’s slot and then Alice Levine came on and started talking about the new Children In Need single on which she features. I was about to turn it off, but then she played Don’t Tell ‘Em by Jeremih and I jammed silently. She said she really likes the song at the moment, and I was like “ever heard of Kid Ink? His songs are really similar…” I really like Kid Ink. I probably shouldn’t and I don’t listen to what is being said, just the music.

I got bored of her babbling on about the Radio 1 Teen Awards and the new single so I went to go and have some lunch. I then played on the demo of Dance Central and almost nailed Poison by Bell Biv DeVoe and I am officially awesome at I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho) by Pitbull. I did it for the first time and got five stars!

I played around on the XBOX and I don’t have XBOX Live therefore there was absolutely nothing for me to do. And nothing on TV. What do I do? Watch Dora the Explorer of course. I watched the one where her abuela gives her a star pocket and she becomes a star collector and goes to find the Woohoo Star. I remember every bit of Dora the Explorer even the music the snails play when you do something awesome. We watched a bit of Peppa Pig afterwards. I admit that I have seen every Peppa Pig episode ever made. Ever.

I am now going to go to exercise on my WiiFit because I eat too much chicken. Speaking of Wii Fit, yesterday I was in my physics lesson and something came up I was like “I’ve got a WiiFit!” and my friend looked at me with a very disapproving look on his face and said: “You still have a Wii?” So I have a question for everyone reading this: Are Wiis still cool? Do you still have one? I’m not going to throw away my Wii if someone says they aren’t cool anymore, I will treasure it more. In fact, In Argos, you can get a Wii for £80. It’s a mini version, but hey. Who cares?

That is my day so far. I still have around 6 hours 37 minutes left of this day, but I bet I will just watched TV and get fit. J

Until later.



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