Some Major-That-Are-Actually-Not-So-Major Changes…

This is no ordinary post.

In fact, this is rather unordinary (that sounds like something Douglas Adams would say…)

Anyway, onto the major-that-are-actually-not-so-major changes:

  • I am moving my Wednesday post to a 42 Saturday! I figured that posting on Wednesday wasn’t really working out because 42 of all the weird stuff I get up to like 42 homework (I’m in a Douglas Adam-ly mood) homework, homework, blog-posting, homework, 42¸ and some other 42 stuff
  • Half-term is fast approaching in the UK and therefore, I have decided, I’m going to be really weird and bite off more than I can probably chew, but I actually might possibly be able to swallow it. I am going to post something every day for a week starting the 27th of October. And the days before it are Saturday and Sunday so you’ll get a post then as well. SO you will be like 15 posts in a month.
  • It’s my birthday next week. J
  • I don’t know where the lights are taking us, but something in the night is dangerous. And nothing’s holding back the two of us, baby this is getting serious. Oh oh oh! Dangerous, Oh oh oh!
  • I’m jamming.

I’m sorry for any inconvenience caused,



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