The Giver Review

I saw The Giver! I know I mentioned it in my last JamList (l, therefore, I thought I kind of owe it to you.

So what happens is there is a society of no colour (literally). After ‘The Ruin’, the world was rebuilt with rules such as use of proper language (in which the word, love is forbidden in a way), you cannot touch anyone outside your family unit. And in your family unit, you have to random people as your parents and random brothers and sisters: they aren’t actually your family. When you become 18, I believe, the Elders, decide your job and you cannot really argue or you will be released to elsewhere. Everyone is given their jobs, except Jonas

OK, it doesn’t sound very interesting and I cannot say anything else or I will ruin the whole thing.

I really enjoyed this movie. I didn’t expect much as I didn’t really look into it, I didn’t even watch the trailer, but now it is one of the best movies of the year for me. I knew it was a book. I have to go and read it now.

I give it 10 XahaStars™ (what else did you expect?)




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