The Unbeatables Review


Oh My Goodness. Funniest originally-foreign-film I have seen. I don’t care what the Telegraph has to say, I found it funny.

What happens? Well. There is a kid. He’s called Amadeo (at first I thought he was called Armadillo, they couldn’t call the kid Amadeus or anything, could they?) and he is very good at table football or ‘foosball’ if you will. In fact, he’s so good, he beats the towns best kid football player, Flash, at the sport. Then some evil manager snaps Flash up and a few years later, he’s a mega football superstar. And Amadeo is still doing what he does best, playing foosball. But his world comes crashing down when his girlfriend Laura (who supported him when he was playing Flash all those years ago) tells him that she’s going to move and go to an Art College. To make things worse, Flash turns up and informed the townspeople that he’s going to destroy the entire town to build a giant football stadium and the first building he knocks down is obviously the pub in which he was beaten in. Flash kidnaps Laura and Amadeo feels like there’s no meaning in life any more (42 isn’t helping him much there Douglas Adams…) and just then the characters off of his foosball table come to life and have weird accents and its all very surreal. They all had different personalities and it was very funny. My favourite was the guy with the afro (I can’t remember the name, I think it’s Rico. There is no Wikipedia page that would help me.)

I think it was really funny and there were some really charming bits. I would recommend watching it with the family. In fact, my family really didn’t want to watch it but he and my sister really wanted to watch it. And we did. They found it hilarious.

I give 10 XahaStars™. Great family film and I would defientely watch it again.




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