Earth To Echo Review

Oh My Goodness! I’m sorry I didn’t get to post anything yesterday, however, I was in London. I acted like I was a proper tourist even though I live in England. Oh well.

Anyway. To the main business. Earth to Echo. I enjoyed this movie. It was different to big Hollywood movies or generally normal movies. It was filmed in what Wikipedia calls ‘found footage format’ (try saying that repeatedly fast), and I haven’t really seen any movies filmed in found footage format besides Paranormal Activity (worst horror movie ever. Let’s just say I was one scared 11 year old after watching it). SO yeah, it was different. I’m actually surprised the camera actually had that much battery in it, mine can barely last 2 hours let alone – wait now that I think about it, it was only one night, so I guess cameras can have that much battery in them.

So. It is about three friends, Tuck, Munch and Alex. Their neighbourhood is pretty much going to be destroyed because they want to build a highway (I wonder what the person who suggested the idea must have said: “Hey, do you know what we should do? Create a highway in the middle of Las Vegas because there just aren’t enough roads in this city. And do you know what else we should do? We should make sure it goes straight through Mulberry Woods, this suburb, where these kids live.” Yes. I am the only person you will ever meet that will put this much thought into a movie). So they are all going to be separated forever. #sadtimes. Tuck, being a film fanatic, films their last days together.

One day, all their phones go haywire and they realise it’s a map, and of course, being children, what better idea is there than to follow it? And they do so on their last day together before they all move. What they find is a weird pod thing that turns out to be an alien from space (seriously? The only good thing I’d ever find on a treasure map would be a a mini chocolate thing or pound) and find a way to communicate it. The alien, now called Echo, leads them to places where it can rebuilt it’s ship and while on their quest to get Echo back home, they meet Emma, a girl from their school who Tuck tries to chat up at the beginning of the film but fails miserably, and she decides she also must join this quest. But then come the bad guys who want to do the complete opposite of what the gang want to do. And it all goes downhill rather quickly from there.

I really enjoyed this movie, probably because of the found footage format as it was something new that I had not come across much before.

I give it 10 XahaStars™  because it was funny and serious all at the same time.

I think I need to be tougher on how I give out XahaStars™, don’t you think?

Na shledanou,



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