Guardians Of The Galaxy Review

I did like Guardians of the Galaxy. It was very funny. I assumed it would be, because it’s a Marvel film (did I mention I have an obsession with Marvel at the moment?) and it did not disappoint me. I was really excited about this film since I saw the trailer for the first time some time last year. At first, I thought it was the next Avengers movie because I heard that there was going to be another Avengers movie out, but it wasn’t that and I believe it was a lot better than an Avengers movie could ever be. Sorry Captain America.

Anyway. Guardians of the Galaxy is basically about a kid called Peter Quill and you see that his mother has just died and you feel really depressed…

But then it gets happy because he gets abducted by aliens, wait. That’s not that happy. The happy bit is after that because you see him all grown up. He wasn’t killed by the aliens. Spoiler there. But he makes a life for himself as a thief and he gets arrested with Rocket, a raccoon that was experimented on (hence the fact he can talk), Groot, a walking tree thing, and Gamora, a trained assassin who was trying to get something for Ronan the Accuser (an evil guy) and who just happens to be the daughter of Thanos (another evil guy). They all form an alliance and try and escape a high-security prison and succeed, with the addition of Drax, a – I don’t even know what he is, he’s a big, guy really – who really hates Ronan because he killed his family so swears to stay by Gamora’s side just so she can lead him to Ronan and kill him. But Gamora isn’t loyal to Ronan or Thanos. They become the Guardians of The Galaxy and the movie shows the journey of their attempt to kill Ronan.

I stopped there because I didn’t want to give too much away. I think I already have… I really enjoyed this movie as I probably have told you in the first paragraph. It was really funny and probably one of my favourite Marvel movie yet.

I would give this movie 10 XahaStars™ out of 10.

When we watched it, it was really new and when something funny happened, we all laughed together and it was really nice. Feeling the fuzziness.

До Свидания,



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