The Confusing Name Story

Just a quick heads up: this story is realllyyy weird. I wrote it a while back for a short story competition but didn’t enter it because it’s too weird and because I wrote another story. That one is on a different weird scale. Maybe I’ll let you read it later. 

06/08/2014: Another quick heads up: the only reason this is getting posted on Wednesday and not Tuesday is because there was service maintenance going on so it wouldn’t let me publish the post. I can assure you that I am getting better! 

The Confusing Name Story*

If you have nothing to do at this moment in time, go and find a dictionary and look up the word ‘bored’, you’ll probably find my name under it. Actually, forget that, they probably don’t have enough room to fit it in.

My name is Aisha Bella Cayleigh Dua El-Sayed-Farah. Yeah, I have a long name. You get used to it. My parents are Pakistani but they’ve lived in England most of their life so they gave me really long names. All of my brothers and sisters have long names like mine, probably after they realised that their last names were consecutive, you could say. My dad’s last name is El-Sayed and my mothers’ surname is Farah.

Living with a name like mine is hard especially since I can barely fit my name onto my Merit Card. I would have only written Aisha El-Sayed-Farah, but when my parents gave in the application for my new school, they wrote my whole name. So I have to write Aisha Bella Cayleigh Dua El-Sayed-Farah on every one of my books. When I first started my school last year, I wrote Aisha El-Sayed-Farah like I had done at my previous schools, but my teacher wouldn’t accept it.

My journey begins this morning. I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock blaring loudly at 6:30 am. It’s Saturday, which means… I forgot to turn my alarm off. Today I’m going out with my best friend Dua. Yes, she’s called Dua, too. That’s how we met actually. I was right after her in the register.

“James Decland.” Our teacher, Mr Davidson, was taking the register on the first day

“Here, sir” James replied. James had come to this new school with me from lower school. Our parent knew each other well.

“Dua Ebrahim.”

“Here, sir.” Dua replied, enthusiastically.

“Um, right, this is a rather extended name, let’s see. Aisha Bella Cayleigh Dua El-Sayed-Farah?”

“Oh, yeah, I’m here sir.” I had to wake myself up because he took so long to say my name.

“That’s a rather long name you’ve got there for such a small little girl.”

“Sir, I am 13 years old.”

“Either way, right, Ella Harvey?”


I got up quickly and got changed. I had Coco-Pops for breakfast because I am still a little girl at heart. I needed to pick up something for my mum from Argos, so I incorporated that into my journey.

My number was 098 and I was called up rather quickly because there was hardly anybody there.

“Are you Sonya Ibrahim El-Sayed-Farah?” The man said.

“No, I’m Aisha Bella Cayleigh El-Sayed-Farah” he looked stunned.

“Ha ha, good one. Now what’s your real name?”

“That is my real name; Sonya Ibrahim El-Sayed-Farah is my mum’s name. My mum wanted me to pick up a game? I think it was The Sims 3 for DS.”

“Yeah, we have that right here’ he looked at me suspiciously. ‘Are you sure your name is that long?”

“You think I would be lying?”

“No, it’s just that’s a rather long name you’ve got there for such a small little girl.”

I realised that this was almost exactly what Mr Davidson had said at the beginning of last year. Mr Davidson had left in the middle of last year, it was rather unexpected. Now that I looked at him, he looked a lot like Mr Davidson as well.

“Mr Davidson?”

“That’s weird.”

“What’s weird?”

“Everybody knows me. I didn’t know I was that famous, I was only in jail 30 days!”


I knocked quickly on Dua’s door. She opened up and she let me in. I was quite out of breath as I had just run for about 10 minutes straight.

“God, what happened to you?” Even though I was out of breath, I started laughing.

“You can’t say that, we’re Muslims.”

“It’s an expression, Aisha. Anyway, why are you so out of breath?”

“Mr Davidson didn’t leave last year, he was in jail!”


“Yeah, he works at Argos now!”

“Argos? Nice workplace, it really compares to a teacher.”

We ditched what we had planned to do and went back to Argos a few hours later after we had had some Chicken Korma. It was splendiferous.

“You again?” Mr Davidson asked.

“Yes, us again, do you have a problem with that?”

“No, I guess not. I really could use somebody to – kill some time.”

“Um. Okay. We just wanted to ask some questions.”

“Kelley, have you seen some-’ Oh my god, another identical looking Mr Davidson! ‘Aisha and Dua! How nice to see you! After all this time!” An identical looking Mr Davidson who knew our names!

“How do you know our names?”

“I was your form tutor last year!”

“Then who’s that?” Dua asked.

That has a name you know!”

“I see you’ve met Kelley, my twin brother!”

“So you hadn’t gone to Jail!” I exclaimed.

“No! But Kelley did. Shoplifters, eh?”

“I’m right here, bro.”

“Whatever dude.”

So we discovered that it was all a misunderstanding. Mr Davidson’s brother, Kelley was in jail for shoplifting last month and Mr Davidson had left to help the family out. I always imagined him as a Family kind of guy.

Names can be so confusing.


*just discovered the Toolbar Toggle…


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