My JamList O’ 27 July

I understand that I did not post this on Sunday; this is due to the fact that we went to visit my grandparents and did not take a suitable device on which I could publish on my post on. The same goes for yesterday as we came back near midnight so it was quite difficult for me to do anything besides sleep.

So today, I will post 2!

Every Sunday, I will tell you my top 5 favourite songs in order of preference. A song may appear more than once, because I may still like a song for weeks on end. I hope you enjoy this little insight to my brain.

  1. Fireball – Pitbull feat. John Ryan: Pitbull is on a roll, isn’t he? Admittedly, I hated Wild Wild Love with a passion, I liked the GRL bit but Pitbull ruined his own song. But I think he has redeemed himself with this funky song and John Ryan’s voice is just perfect.
  2. I Can’t Decide – Last Dinosaurs
  3. Weekend – Last Dinosaurs
  4. Zoom – Last Dinosaurs
  5. Time & Place – Last Dinosaurs

I know I haven’t listened to a variety of music this week, but I have an obsession with Last Dinosaurs because I first heard Zoom on NFS: Most Wanted and loved it so much, I listened to a load of their other songs and decided I must buy their album. I got it Monday 21st July, and my brother liked Last Dinosaurs anyway because we both liked Zoom and Time and Place before the rest of them, so we had been playing it non-stop for the past week. Hence the fact there is only one non-Last Dinosaurs song.

Auf Wiedersehen,



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