How To Train Your Dragon 2 Review

I realised I never did a review on How to Train Your Dragon 2. So. Here it is:

I have to admit, I’d never watched the first How to Train Your Dragon, and still haven’t. I remember, I and my family were going to watch it on Sky movies, but we all got bored within the first ten minutes and turned it off. Sorry.

However, we watched the trailer for the second movie and it looked quite good. My sister had seen the first one in school and was quite desperate to see the second one.

So we did.

It was quite good. It was about a twenty year old kid called Hiccup (I was slightly confused at the beginning of the film because everyone was like “where’s Hiccup?” and I thought it was a dragon, but it’s actually the kid’s name) and his Night Fury dragon, Toothless (he has teeth, they’re just retractable). Basically, he is his father’s successor to be chief of Berk and Hiccup doesn’t want to be, so he often goes off on Toothless and explores the world. On his travels, he finds his long-lost mother, and their family is reunited. How To Train Your Dragon 2 tell us of how Hiccup, Stoick and the rest of Berk deal with the return of an old enemy, Drago Bludvist. He claims only he can control the dragons and plans to steal all the dragons.

I really enjoyed this movie, and the fact that I hadn’t watched the first movie didn’t really affect me because it was quite easy to understand. I would definitely recommend it because it’s a really funny movie and you can relate to some key issues even though it is based in the Viking era.

I give it 10 XahaStars™ out of 10.

It probably would have been better if the people behind us didn’t talk so loudly, and other than that it was really good.


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